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Waffills means "Waffle with Fillings". Owned by a native Belgian chef, Waffills specializes in authentic Belgian waffles with savory and fruit fillings. I stopped by Waffills to grab a quick bite since I was intrigued by their savory waffles. Located on the same street as Via Tokyo, the shop was tiny with only a few dine-in seats. Besides classic Belgian waffle desserts, they also served savory waffills like Thai Prawn, Chicken Tikka Masala, Pulled Pork, and a few more. I decided to try the Thai Prawn Waffills that night.
From the outside, you can see into their kitchen which was quite bright and clean. The smell of the waffles that wafted out from the open kitchen was appetizing as well. 
After placing my order at the counter, I was handed a card to collect 7 stamps in order to get a free classic Brussels waffle.
Thai Prawn Waffill ($52) - my order was handed to me in a neat paper box and some hot sauce in case the waffill wasn't spicy enough for me. The box design was thoughtful and user friendly as it was very easy to remove the top half of the box to reveal the waffill to eat. 
The waffle itself was very nice as it was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The fillings were disappointing though. Supposedly made with fresh prawns, Thai spices, coconut milk (according to their menu), I didn't find any fresh prawns in my waffill. Instead, it was stuffed with lots of potatoes - which would have been fine if it actually tasted good but instead the flavors were quite bland. I had imagined it would taste like some sort of Thai curry, but all I tasted was potatoes. It wasn't spicy at all so I did end up using the bottle of hot sauce. It helped a little but not much. 

Verdict - I wasn't impressed with the savory waffills but perhaps the desserts would fare better since the waffle itself was decent. 

G/F, 124 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay 
2613 9600

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