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In honor of Le French May, it seems fitting to dine at our favorite casual French restaurant again - Serge et le Phoque in Wan Chai. I usually don't like repeating restaurants in such a short period of time but I was willing to make an exception for Serge due to their high quality of food and value for money! This time, we came here for their Sunday brunch with 4 other friends where the 4-course Lunch Degustation costs $250 while the 6-course costs $350. We all opted for the 4 courses since 6 courses seemed just a bit too much for lunch.

Amuse Bouche (5/5) - the amuse bouche was a delightful batch of fried onion rings seasoned with spices. The thin onion rings were perfectly crispy and appetizing to eat - it was hard to stop eating until they were all gone!

Starter (5/5) - the starter was a 60 degree poached egg with squid ink and grilled corn kernels. The egg bursted with flavor but the corn was a surprise hit with its juicy sweetness!

Fish (4.5/5) - the fish course was a pan-fried red snapper with nori and grated cauliflower on top as well as a yogurt sauce on the side. The snapper was cooked perfectly as it was soft and flaky to eat while the flavors were light and delicate. 

Meat (4/5) - the meat course was quail with a poached breast and confit leg. The seasoning of the poached breast was a bit heavy-handed as it was too salty while the flavors were much better for the confit leg. 

Dessert (5/5) - the dessert was my favorite dacquoise and a chocolate pudding! The dacquoise was splendid as always with its chewy shell, soft vanilla cream, and crunchy caramel bits of nougatine inside. The pudding was surprisingly delicious as we noticed a drizzle of olive oil on top which added an interesting dimension of flavor to the dessert!

French cuisine doesn't always have to be expensive and Serge et le Phoque is proof that you can get quality French food without breaking your wallet! 

Serge et Le Phoque
Shop B2, G/F, Tower 1, The Zenith, 3 Wanchai Road, Wan Chai
5465 2000 

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