[Hong Kong] Yamataka Seafood Market 築地 • 山貴水產市場

I have to interrupt my Spain updates to bring you some exciting news about the opening of the Yamataka Seafood Market (築地 • 山貴水產市場) which is being touted as Hong Kong's version of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo! The seafood market is not officially opened yet (launch date pending but should be around mid-October) but I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the place over the weekend. Located on the 2/F of the Wan Chai Ferry Terminal, Yamataka boasts a massive area of 11,000 square feet and aims to be the ultimate seafood market in Hong Kong with fresh seafood flown in from Tsukiji daily as well as the best seasonal produce from all around the world. The market has many different offerings so follow me and see what Yamataka has to offer below!

The first area when you first enter the market is the retail section with a variety of Japanese dried goods, snacks, premium fruits, alcohol and seasonings for you to bring home with you. 

The next section is all about the seafood with 3 food stations including hamayaki, seafood donburi and stand-up sushi bar so you can experience seafood being prepared in different ways. 

Hamayaki is originally a fisherman's cuisine where fresh seafood is grilled with simple seasoning and you can watch your seafood being prepared right in front of you here. Our lobster was so fresh, its claw moved and waved at us while it was being cooked! 

At the Seafood Donburi area, you can eat your rice while watching the ferries go by at the seats right by the windows. 

The chef's recommendation is definitely this tantalizing Uni Donburi ($268) with big creamy slices of Canadian sea urchin on top of kinshi tamago and rice.

The Premium Yamakata Donburi ($238) is also highly recommended with a whole crab claw, lobster meat, salmon roe, sea urchin and 10 different types of diced sashimi. You can eat the donburi in 3 different ways by 1) eating it as is, 2) eating as a roll by wrapping it in seaweed, and 3) eating as a ochazuke by pouring dashi into the rice. 

The stand-up sushi bar is all the way at the end with beautiful views of the Victoria Harbour where you can enjoy assorted sushi and sashimi ($88), freshly shucked oysters and seafood platter ($368) with whole lobster, abalone, and more!

There's also a take-out area where you can get bento of unagi, sushi, and sashimi to go enjoy at home or even at the park on top of the ferry terminal with 360 degrees view of the harbour. One of the highly recommended take-away items would have to be the whole lobster roll ($168) and sea urchin in squid ink bun ($68) where the bread is all made in-house!

For drinks, they have an umeshu bar with many different types of umeshu available to try! I love umeshu so I was super excited to see this but since I didn't get to try any on the day that I went, I'll definitely have to come back to try next time when the market is fully open. 

They have non-alcoholic drinks as well and I actually got to try their very own cold-pressed juice which was pretty good!

The best part of the market in my opinion was the live tuna cutting demonstration by the energetic and funny chef which was more of a show really with the chef walking through half of the market with the tuna on his shoulder while loud music thumped in the background. He kept shouting enthusiastically while cutting up the maguro and showing us the different parts of the fish such as where the otoro and chutoro are located. I loved his energy plus he was definitely not shy to pose for pictures! 

Check out my video for the action!

The chef also sliced up the parts of the tuna near the bones and skin for us to try right on the spot - talk about super fresh! The plan is to have the demonstration everyday so just make sure to look up the schedule before you head to the market if you don't want to miss this!

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Yamataka Seafood Market 築地 • 山貴水產市場

2/F, Wan Chai Pier, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 3547 0468

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