[Spain: Madrid] La Terraza del Casino - 2 Michelin Star at Casino de Madrid

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

After 2 weeks of traveling through Madrid, San Sebastian, Barcelona and Majorca, my last meal in Spain was back in Madrid at La Terraza del Casino - a 2 Michelin star restaurant located in the grand Casino de Madrid. Initially overseen by Ferran Adria of the legendary elBulli, the current chef is Paco Roncero who had trained under Adria. I made a last minute lunch reservation in the morning on the day of and luckily the restaurant was able to accommodate. 

The Casino de Madrid is actually an exclusive gentlemen's club and only the restaurants are open to the public. I was actually questioned by one of the staff when I was walking around the foyer so they do take the whole private access thing very seriously. Once I told them I was dining at the La Terraza del Casino, I was prompted guided to the elevators which took me to the second floor where the restaurant was. Designed by Jamie Hayon, the restaurant was stunningly beautiful and modern with checkered floors and pastel-colored theme - it looked something straight out of Alice in the Wonderland. 

The restaurant is also connected to the terrace which should not be missed with nice views of Madrid!

With a few tasting menus to choose from - a "Morning Brief and Intense" for 69€ which is only available at lunch, "A Walk in Our Kitchen" for 119€, and "A Big Walk in Our Kitchen" for 148€ - since it was my last day in Spain, I decided to go all out and get the longest tasting menu with 21 courses. 

The first 8 courses were all bite-sized snacks which I highly enjoyed since they remind me of the molecular gastronomy dishes I had at Disfrutar which should come as no surprise since the chefs there had also trained under Ferran Adria at elBulli.


Anchovies in vinegar, potato with aioli and olives 

Jerusalem artichoke "revolconas"

Olive oil tasting

White sea bass "Tiradito"

Olive oil butter with caviar

Thai peanut

Truffle pizza margarita 

The next 9 dishes were the mains and the latter half dragged a little since quite a few of the dishes were too salty for my taste. 

Gazpacho Sandwich

"Ajoblanco" with scampi

Red prawn

Vegetables garden - I was told that everything was edible which included a layer of cream under the soil-like crumbs but I was also reminded that I still had 9 more courses after this so...

The next 4 savory dishes didn't really work for me since they were all a bit salty and heavy in flavors. 

Iberian pork Castanuela, shitake and whitebait

Turbot Galician style

Cockscomb with black garlic and lime

Royal rooster with mushrooms and corn Bearnaise sauce

Boiled egg

Luckily the desserts picked back up again and were all delightfully flavorful and refreshing.



Coffee and milk

Petit fours - I loved this super cute dessert cart the most though where you can choose everything your heart desires! 

Not all of the dishes worked for me but I did enjoy my meal at La Terraza del Casino as the food quality was overall quite high and the service was prompt and attentive. 

La Terraza del Casino
Calle de Alcalá, 15, 28022 Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 915 21 87 00

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