[Spain: Barcelona] Chef's Table at 2 Michelin Star Lasarte

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

On our second night in Barcelona, we visited the 2* Lasarte by Martin Berasategui with family to celebrate a special occasion. I have eaten at Lasarte before but it was my first time eating in one of its private rooms called Chef's Table with a view of the entire kitchen through a glass wall! I didn't have time to visit Martin Berasategui's 3* restaurant in San Sebastian this time but it's definitely on my list to try since he holds the most amount of Michelin stars in Spain with 8 in total. The chef de cuisine at Lasarte is Pablo Casagrande who had consulted at the now-defunct Vasco in Hong Kong, and after trying a number of really impressive restaurants around Spain on this trip, I would say that the food at Lasarte is solid but not particularly outstanding. The service was impeccable though and I much preferred the cozy atmosphere at the Chef's Table over the formal dining room - the Chef's Table can seat up to 8 people and perfect for a group celebration!

The restaurant has 2 tasting menus to choose from with 9 courses at 150€ and 13 courses at 185€ which is what we chose for the whole table. We were treated to a series of Appetizers which were similar to the ones I had last time so I'm not going to post them here, but everyone in my party was pleasantly surprised at the number of appetizers we were getting and we haven't even started our first course yet. 

Slightly marinated warm oyster with iced watercress slush, shiso and sea mist

Scarlet shrimp Royal with red curry, raw artichokes, celery and apple

Vegetable leaves and petals salad, herbs, sprouts with lettuce cream and lobster - this was easily my favorite dish of the meal with its refreshing presentation and flavors!

"La Trufa" with fermented mushrooms and collard greens with an extra virgin olive oil touch

Slices of Iberian presa on foie gras curd, marine salad and mustard ice cream

Red prawn on a seabed and fennel with its coral mayonnaise

Grilled wild turbot with seafood sauteed and green curry

Charcoal grilled pigeon with citrus, capers, black olive and smoked sauce with galangal

Mandarin frozen cream with verbena, orange jelly and pearls of lemon

Cocoa, fermented black garlic, raspberry and moscovado sugar

Petit fours


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