Daruma Ramen House 達磨日式拉麵

Rating: ❤❤

With so many Japanese ramen shops popping up in HK, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. I have heard good things about Daruma from a friend, so I went to try it one day while visiting the Tai Hang area. The good thing about Tai Hang is that it's a fairly quiet neighborhood so there's no wait during lunch time if you get there early enough. The shop was pretty clean and modern with spacious seating. 

My usual rule of thumb when visiting a Hakata style ramen place for the first time is to try their tonkotsu ramen, which was what I did. My ramen arrived on a neat tray with chopsticks and a big soup spoon. The first thing I noticed was that the chopsticks were held by a card so they were not touching the tray. Nice touch! The ramen looked pretty enough with some char siu, egg, and a fiery red ball which was actually their spicy sauce. The first thing I usually do is taste the soup before eating the ramen. The broth was not really rich  or hot enough for my taste. Even after dissolving the spicy ball into the broth didn't really make it better. The char siu was average as well as the texture was not tender enough. The soft-boiled egg was overcooked, but at least they give you an egg unlike other ramen places. 

On the whole, the ramen at Daruma was pretty average and unimpressive. There are much better places for ramen so I don't think I would be coming back to try their other dishes. 

Daruma Ramen House
92E, Tung Lo Wan Road , Tai Hang
2565 6600


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