Tamashii Japanese Noodle 魂

Rating: ❤❤❤

I'm a ramen addict and as part of my quest to try all the top ramen places in HK, I stopped by Tamashii one afternoon for lunch. The shop was very tiny with less than 10 counter seats in the entire restaurant. Best to come here with one or two people tops. The restaurant looked like a traditional Japanese ramen shop. Even the wait staff attempted to speak Japanese even though they were locals. I was handed a sheet of ordering form for my order. There were about 3-4 broth offerings that were similar to Butao's. Since it was my first time here, I decided to go for the classic tonkotsu broth to see how they match up to competition.

Tonkotsu Ramen - my tonkotsu ramen came with a piece of char siu, a half boiled egg, corn, and seaweed. There were also some salted salmon bits sprinkled on the ramen as well - an effort to differentiate their broth? In spite of the gimmicks, a ramen place has to first and foremost get their broth and noodle right. The tonkotsu broth was underwhelming as the flavor was lacking in richness yet the texture was way too thick to make you want to drink it. As a result, it was hard to enjoy the ramen. The texture of the noodle was alright as it was chewy and thick. Compared to Butao, this bowl of ramen was a slight disappointment. 

Verdict - while the tonkotsu broth was disappointing, I hear that their other broths are better like squid ink and spinach. Maybe I will go back to try those before I write this place off completely.

Tamashii Japanese Noodle
G/F, 18C Sharp Street West,Causeway Bay
2893 2699