HeSheEat - Life is Short, Eat Dessert First


Dessert can make or break one's evening as it is the finale of the night. As I was in the area for dinner, I was looking forward to wrap up my evening with yummy desserts!  

HeSheEat was easy to spot with its neon pink sign and hot pink lips in the dark. It looked chic and modern, and could have been easily transplanted to SoHo or CWB. 

You can see their open kitchen area where they make the desserts on the spot as you approach the store. There seemed to be a lot of people at the kitchen counter and they were all busy making the desserts go out as the line grew longer outside. 
As it was a weekday, we didn't have to wait and were directed upstairs for more seating. I was glad to find out that they had a second floor as the ground floor of the shop looked pretty small and the open kitchen had taken up half of the space. On the inside, the color scheme of hot pink continued throughout with pink walls and pink dessert posters. The decor was really cute and the ambiance was nice - I can see why it's popular with the younger crowd.

The dessert menu was arranged in a small photo album which made it hard to take pictures of every page. Their menu basically consisted of a variety of chocolate lava cake, panna cotta, souffle, waffles, crepes, and napoleon. I had my eyes set on the Mango napoleon while my sis chose the Kalhua + Baileys souffle.

Kalhua + Baileys Souffle ($59) - souffles are made upon order and usually takes a while to bake. This is a good test of the consistency and skills of the kitchen because if they screw up, they will have to bake a new one again. Whether or not the customer would be willing to wait is another question. When our souffle came, I didn't immediately notice anything amiss except maybe it wasn't as raised as in the menu picture? Before we even touched the dessert, one of the staff came by and informed us that the chef was not very happy with the souffle and decided to take it off our bill. Nice gesture I guess - I commend restaurants that are willing to own up to their mistakes. What's weird was that they still served it to us and didn't ask if we wanted a new souffle or if we wanted to order another dessert instead. The souffle itself wasn't bad - it was just undercooked as the inside was too soft and wet. There was also no taste of Baileys at all, and the ice cream was separate and an afterthought.  
Mango Napoleon ($52) - the napoleon took even longer to come out than the souffle, which was surprising. I was rather disappointed when it finally came as the fresh mangoes were not in the cake as pictured, but rather sat on the outskirts on the plate. There were 3 layers of puff pastry with 2 layers of custard in between. The puff pastry was flaky and light enough, but not as buttery or crunchy as I would like it to be. The custard was good as it wasn't too sweet which complimented the pastry. The mango ice cream was rich and refreshing to eat along with the napoleon. Not the best that I've had but it's not bad. 
Verdict - high marks for decor and ambiance. Service was also really good as all the waiters were really polite and apologetic - although they could have been more proactive in asking us if we wanted another dessert next time. Food wise - I can see they have potential as they have put some thought in the plating and flavors as seen on their menu. They just need to improve on the quality and consistency of their desserts.  

Shop 4, G/F, Ngai Hing Mansion, 22 Pak Po Street, Mong Kok 
5571 3056


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