Wildfire - Overpriced Mediocre Food


Our group of 4 had just finished hiking the infamous Twin Peaks from Parkview to Stanley and we descended on Stanley all famished like ferocious beasts, ready to have a hearty meal. Our sights were originally set on the King Ludwig Beerhall on the 2/F of the Murray House, but unfortunately it was closed for a private event that afternoon. Our default choice naturally became Wildfire as it was directly across from King Ludwig. Most of the restaurants at Murray House have both inside and outside seating and Wildfire was no exception. We decided to sit on the inside as it was cooler than the outdoor seating that day. 
Nice view of Stanley from outdoor seating.
Wildfire is known for their wood stone oven baked pizza; besides pizza, the menu also had a variety of appetizers, pastas, soup and salads to choose from. We decided to ordered a 3 appetizers, 1 pasta and 1 pizza to share among the 4 of us. 

When the food came, they came pretty much all at once! I'm not sure if that's their usual practice, but it's a big oversight on their part as they should have checked with us whether we wanted appetizers to come first and then the mains later. The problem with all of the dishes coming all at once meant that some of the food got cold by the time we got to eating them. Plus, the order of the food came out in reverse as we got the pizza and pasta first before the appetizers. 

BBQ Meat Lover ($158) - the base and crust of this pizza was more like a pita bread than doughy like the typical New York style pizza. The texture was crunchy like a cracker, and it depends on your personal preference whether you like this style of pizza or not. I personally did not enjoy it as I thought the crust was a bit dry. Instead of the typical tomato sauce base, the base was the barbeque sauce used for ribs. As it was light and tangy, the sauce was a nice complement with the sausage, pepperoni, and bacon. 

Rigatoni Al Ragu ($148) - the rigatoni came topped with a beef stew based sauce. The texture of the pasta was alright - not al dente but not overcooked either. The ragu sauce was pretty flavorful with chunks of beef mixed in - a decent dish overall. 
Crispy Chicken Wings ($74) - pretty pricey for only 6 pieces. The description on the menu stated that this came in their famous house spices but I couldn't taste that at all. The wings on the whole tasted pretty mediocre - even the skin which usually taste good due to the fat was dry and bland. The wings came with a sweet and sour sauce which could not savage the dull tasting wings. Very disappointing as we were looking forward to some fatty junk food after the hike - felt like we shoud have gone to McDonald's or KFC instead for better wings at a fraction of the price.
Mediterranean Style Lamb Meatballs ($78) - this came with a mint and cucumber yogurt sauce for dipping. The meatball was too soft and loose as it crumbled too easily for any texture in the mouth. I usually don't mind the gamey taste of lamb but this one was too overpowering for my taste. The dipping sauce didn't help either. 

Oven-baked Garlic Bread ($48) - this garlic bread had no garlic flavor at all! The garlic bread came in the form of toasted sticks and while it was crispy, there was no butter and garlic flavor as one comes to expect from traditional garlic bread. The bread sticks came with a red pepper Romesco sauce and olive oil with balsamic vinegar as dipping sauce. The sauces were alright for eating with the sticks, but I'm just confused why this was called garlic bread in the first place. 

Mango Go Go ($68) - the color was very light for a mango smoothie and after a sip, I realized why. I could barely taste the flavor of mango and it was not rich at all. I usually love any mango-related drinks but this was pretty disappointing.

Verdict - my philosophy is that I don't mind paying for good food, but I really mind overpaying for mediocre food. The food at Wildfire in general was unremarkable and overpriced for what it is. I would have been more satisfied at a fast food joint as at least I know what I am paying for. After our strenuous hike, we were looking forward to a satisfying meal but unfortunately we left Wildfire even more unsatisfied as before.

2/F, Murray House, Stanley 
2813 6161


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