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Ferry Point is an area in Jordan that used to be sea front and adjacent to the Jordan Road Ferry before it was demolished in the 90's due to reclamation in West Kowloon. Nowadays, it's a site to a wide variety of small restaurants that serve anything from Vietnamese sandwiches, yakitori, and desserts! Thanks to Next Station...Desserts for the invite so I got to visit this area for the first time. J and I came here in the afternoon where the entire neighborhood seemed pretty quiet. We were informed that it tends to get lively only at night. 

The dessert shop was bright and clean with a partition of a tree drawing in the back, which conveniently covered the entrances to the restrooms. On one side of the restaurant was the open kitchen where the desserts were prepared. I could smell the desserts before they were brought out! 

The dessert choices on the menu were vast with lots of variety from western style desserts to Chinese desserts as well! I was primarily interested in their western style desserts because they had a lot of unique creations such as the nougat parfait and the black pepper chocolate molten cake. We ended up choosing 3 desserts to try. 

Nougat Parfait ($45) - this was highly recommended and seemed to be one of their flagship dessert. Made with cream and eggs, the nougat parfait was very interesting as the texture was just like ice cream as it was frozen.  I've never had nougat like this before and it was surprisingly very good! The dessert was not too sweet while the nuts provided a crunchy texture. Our eyes were also drawn to the sauce next to the parfait because it was sparkly! Oooh. A visually appealing and enticing dessert overall!

Three-Style Caramel Creme Brulee ($38) - we wanted to order this dessert because they had put the thought into the eating order of the creme brulee. We were supposed to start with lime, then vanilla and lastly earl grey. Each of the creme brulee was nicely baked with a crunchy caramel layer on top and a soft custard base on the bottom. The lime creme brulee was tart and sweet at the same time, which was refreshing to eat. The vanilla was really just your regular creme brulee, and while it was good, it paled in comparison to the other more intersting flavors. The earl grey was excellent as well with a strong flavor of tea so it was not as sweet - probably my favorite out of the 3!
Passion Fruit Souffle with Mango Sauce ($35) - lastly we tried their souffle as this is one dessert which can really tests the skills of the kitchen as souffles need to be made on the spot. Our souffle rose properly as it was straight up and puffy. We made sure to taste the passion fruit souffle first before pouring the mango sauce, and the souffle was simply scrumptious! The texture was perfect as it was light and fluffy while the the flavors were so intense and rich! We found out it was because they had used fresh passion fruit in the making of the souffle. The mango sauce was also very tart and strong, which can overpower the souffle a bit. I think the souffle could have done with or without the sauce, but I personally like mango so I poured in a little bit to enhance the flavors. 

Verdict - the desserts were creative and high in quality while the prices were reasonable! We found out that the chef used to work in a hotel which explains the quality of the desserts. As we were leaving, they told us that they are thinking of opening a second shop in CWB. As that is more convenient for me, I really hope that they do so I can try more of their desserts. I would love to try their black pepper chocolate molten cake next time! 

Next Station...Dessert
G/F, 38 Man Yuen Street, Ferry Point, Jordan
2783 8368

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