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I love the Sunday brunch at Blue Butcher with its unlimited foie gras and free flow Veuve Clicquot, so when my friend invited me for Restaurant Week dinner at Blue Butcher, I gladly accepted since I've never been there for dinner. Having been at the restaurant only during the day time, the restaurant seemed so much darker and moodier compared to day time. Since we had 4 people, we managed to try everything on their Restaurant Week dinner menu with 3 courses at $438 per person! The only dilemma we had was which dishes to double up on.

The baguettes arrived first with 4 condiments of salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic butter. The bread was a bit stiff while the garlic butter could have been more garlicky. 
Prime Steak Tartare (4/5) - the steak tartare was excellent in quality but a tad salty. I love the egg shell holder for the smoked mustard aioli which complemented the beef quite well. 

Raw Tuna & Pickled Duck Egg Yolk (4/5) - I love the refreshing flavors of this dish from the fresh tuna to the spiced jalapeno vinaigrette sauce. The contrasting textures from the egg yolk, avocado and radish was delighting as well. 
Compressed Organic Tomato with Burrata (4/5) - initially I wasn't sure why one of the tomatoes was darker than the rest. I thought we had gotten one that was overly ripe but then noticed that all the dishes had one that looked brown. It must have been a different kind of tomato as all of them were surprisingly sweet and fresh. The brown tomato was even more sweet and tart. The outer shell of the burrata was very chewy while the inside was soft and creamy. While it went with tomatoes very well, I'd just wish there were more of it. 
Prime US Tenderloin (4/5) - Blue Butcher is famous for their steak so I was really looking forward to this dish. Topped with traditional bearnaise sauce, the tenderloin was nicely cooked as it was tender and flavorful from the cheese infused in the steak. It was a bit cheesy for my taste but the steak was very delicious nonetheless. The sides of creamed spinach and crispy shallots were scrummy as well. 

Pan Roasted Barramundi (3/5) - the fish was a bit of a let down as the flavors were not that exciting compared to the other main dishes which were richer in flavor. The charred artichoke was the only highlight of this dish. 
Australian Salt Bush Lamb (4/5) - I love lamb and the lamb was excellent here as it was cooked perfectly with its pinkish and tender meat. It was tasty with its slight gamey flavor while the side of stewed eggplant was more of an afterthought. 
Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet (4/5) - even though I usually like mango and passion fruit, the sorbet was a bit sour for my taste. I love the assorted berries though that accompanied the dessert. 

Maple Syrup Tart (5/5) - I'm usually not a big fan of tarts as they can be really sweet and syrupy, but the maple syrup tart here blew me away! It was not too sweet while the texture was perfectly smooth and creamy. The vanilla whipped cream was superb as well. 
Verdict - the food at Blue Butcher was lovely and splendid with great value as the portions were pretty generous for the price. We were stuffed from the meal! The service was decent as well as our water glasses were kept full throughout our meal. I feel that the laid-back and relaxed vibe at this restaurant is perfect for a casual and hearty meal with friends.  

Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant
108 Hollywood Road, SOHO, Sheung Wan
2613 9286

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