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Girls love their afternoon tea in Hong Kong, and I gotta admit I'm one of them! Grand Hyatt's Tiffin is known for its classic and luxurious afternoon tea set, so I suggested it to my friend for her birthday celebration. The great thing about Tiffin is that they take reservations unlike some other places, so you don't have to stress about lining up ahead of time. The afternoon tea set is available daily from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, which cost $298 on weekdays and $328 on weekends per person. What ultimately sold us on the afternoon tea at Tiffin was the inclusion of a dessert buffet as well! 

Located on the mezzanine floor in the hotel, I love the vast amount of natural light coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows while the elegant and comfortable furniture made Tiffin a wonderful place to spend a lazy afternoon with friends. The 5-tier afternoon tea stand arrived soon after we placed our order, and we were all in awe of the gorgeous and lavish spiral design! Savories were placed on the top, followed by sweets and scones.

Starting from the top, the smoked salmon sandwich was fluffy yet flavorful while I love how tiny and cute the mini crab meat burger was! The mini burger managed to pack a mouthful of flavor from the crab meat filling though. The cherry tomato, basil, and mozzarella skewer was a bit average compared to its neighbors.

I'm generally not a big fan of quiche but the salmon and spinach quiche was awesome with its buttery crust and tasty filling. Initially I thought the foie gras pate looked like a pudding of some sort, but it was yummy and went perfectly with the bite-sized brioche provided. 

Moving on to the sweets, I enjoyed the apricot & lavender tart at first until I bit right into a lavender seed, which deployed an explosion of lavender in my mouth. While I like the smell of lavender, the taste was another story. The blueberry napoleon was the easily my favorite item out of the entire tea set! It was a delight to look at while I love the buttery and delicate pastry and the exquisite blueberry filling!

The next tier of desserts with the raspberry bavarois and chocolate profiterole was delicious as well but not impressive. 

The last tier in the tea stand was the scones with clotted cream and jam. I actually ate the scones first as they were still warm when they were first brought out. The scone was crumbly and a tad dry, but the luscious clotted cream and jam more than made up for it.

After finishing the afternoon tea stand, we set our sights on the dessert buffet at the ice cream station! Obviously, they have ice cream with many flavors to choose from.

I ended up picking the swiss chocolate and sweet mango delight ice cream, which was served in an ice-cold bowl. The texture of the ice cream was so creamy while the flavors were just delectable!

Along with ice cream, there was a variety of ice cream cakes as well and we wanted to try them all! Our favorite was the mix berries macaron with its refreshing flavors and interesting textures. The other ice cream cakes such as the chocolate terrine and baked alaska were really more like ice cream than cakes though. Don't waste your calories on the yogurt mango as it was just icy and bland.

One of the first thing that attracted me at the ice cream station was this beautiful cream puff mountain covered with spun sugar decoration! It was almost too pretty to eat (I said almost) but the custard-filled cream puff was delicious and satisfying to eat.

They had honeycomb here, which I love love love! I tried to make this myself once, but didn't quite succeed. The honeycomb was simply sweet, sticky, and finger-licking yummy!

The waffles were made to order with a variety of sauces and toppings of your choice! I found the waffle to be a bit soggy in some parts, but I did love the fresh and flavorful passion fruit sauce that they had.

The afternoon tea set came with a choice of Illy caffe coffee or 14 Ronnefeldt teas. The tea selection varied from traditional flavors like earl grey to more fruity flavors. I picked the peach garden tea to try which was fragrant and mildly sweet. I also loved the color which was a lovely shade of pink!

Overall, the tea at Tiffin was one of the best afternoon tea experience I've had in Hong Kong so far! The food was exquisite and heavenly while the service was impeccable as well. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon with fabulous food, relaxing atmosphere, and good company.


Mezzanine Floor, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
2584 7722 

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