TeaWood 茶木 | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

TeaWood is a Taiwanese style cafe famous for its honey toast desserts! I'm a fan of honey toast, so I've been wanting to try the ones at TeaWood. Since I was meeting up with a girlfriend for tea, I deliberated picked the newer location in Goldmark CWB because I was hoping the lines would be shorter, and it was. Even though there were a few tables ahead of us, the queue moved fairly quickly and we got seated without waiting for long on a Sunday afternoon. 

The decor is meant to be casual and homey with its natural lighting and soothing white & green color scheme, designed to emulate nature. We got down to ordering right away and ended up ordering one honey toast dessert to share. 

Strawberry Ice Cream Golden Honey Toast ($68) - when we ordered this dessert, the waitress said that the honey toast could take up to 30 minutes to make, but it actually came much quicker than that. I was debating between the strawberry and mango flavor, and we ended up getting the strawberry one since it was the signature flavor here. The dessert was charming to look at with its off-setting toast layers and colorful ice cream and fruit toppings.
To make it easier to eat, we removed the top layer and discovered more honey toast cubes in the bottom layers. The strawberry ice cream was quite flavorful with strawberry bits inside, although the ice cream was a bit hard at first. The toast itself was quite disappointing as there was not enough honey flavor while the texture was a bit dry and tough. It was hard to finish the toast comfortably between the 2 of us. [3/5]
Mixed Fruit Tea ($32) - I did enjoy the mixed fruit tea which was primarily pineapple juice mixed with Lipton tea. It was not too sweet and quite refreshing to drink. I also noticed a hint of familiar sweet & sour flavor and discovered it was from the Chinese dried plums in the drink! What an interesting addition and definitely made a favorable difference in the tea. There were also a lot of different fruits in the drink that one can eat as well. [4/5]

Verdict - TeaWood is a nice cafe to hang out and grab a drink, but I probably wouldn't come here specifically for the honey toast again. 

9/F, Goldmark, 502 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay 
2563 2299

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