The Cupping Room Wan Chai - Best Coffee in Hong Kong?

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2

My first encounter with The Cupping Room was at their original shop in Stanley a few years ago. This was before the coffee movement even took off in Hong Kong and they were one of the few independent coffee shops that served quality coffee. When they moved away to Sheung Wan, we lost touch for a while as the location was out of the way for me and by then, more and more good coffee shops were popping up around the city. But now with their expansion in Wan Chai, I was finally reunited with The Cupping Room and they are better than ever! Back in Stanley, the barista had won awards in Hong Kong and now he has added another title under his belt - 2nd place in the World Barista Championship! In addition to coffee, they also serve all day breakfast with a variety of options and lunch sets on weekdays as well. 

The decor inside the coffee shop was very chic and gorgeous with black and white titles and simple designs which reminded me of coffee shops in Sydney.

Flat White ($38) - ever since my trip to Sydney in August, I find myself preferring flat white over latte which used to be my favorite. What is the difference between flat white and latte you ask? It's mainly in the milk texture where the latte has steamed milk with a thin layer of microfoam on top whereas the flat white has steamed milk that is mixed evenly with the microfoam throughout. Therefore, the flat white is less milky with a strong coffee flavor and velvety smooth texture. Unfortunately I don't think a lot of coffee shops in HK know the difference between the two and it may be hard to come across a true flat white but the one I had here is quite possibly the best I've tried in Hong Kong. I've also had the latte here but I think the flat white is better. 

Avocado on Toast with Poached Egg, Ricotta Cheese and Radish ($98) - this was one amazing brekkie! I loved everything from the wheat bread to the perfectly poached egg to the fresh avocados. I would love to have this every day. [5/5]

Brioche French Toast with Caramelized Bananas and Maple Syrup ($108) - originally I wanted to try their french toast with spiced red wine poached pears but they had changed the menu by the time I visited a second time. I ended up trying this new version with caramelized bananas and maple syrup instead. I loved how the toasts were slightly crispy on the outside and yet very fluffy on the inside which were a joy to eat! [4.5/5]

The coffee shop also sell baked goods at their counter like pastries and sweets so I decided to continue my Cupping Room experience at home with their Twice Baked Almond Croissant ($36). It's not the best that I've had but it was pretty darn good with its delicate pastry shell and sweet almond flavors. [4/5]

Verdict - not only does The Cupping Room offer legit coffee but amazing food as well. It's definitely a great cafe for those who loves to eat breakfast food like eggs, bacon and toasts!

The Cupping Room Wan Chai
32 Swatow Street, Wan Chai
Tel: 2371 2338

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