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Located in the LKF Tower, Bread Street Kitchen & Bar is Gordon Ramsey's first foray into the Hong Kong food scene! I'm a fan of Gordon Ramsey's show but I've never been to his restaurants before so I was eager to try this Hong Kong outpost. I tried to make reservations online at first and quickly realized how booked out this restaurant was as there was practically no availability at night unless you book a couple of months in advance. On one Sunday, we decided to just try our luck by walking in at an odd hour post 2pm and got seats at the bar!

The restaurant was big and spacious while the warm yellow tones emitted a casual vibe to the space. The open kitchen next to the bar allowed customers a glimpse into the action while our seats at the bar granted us front row seats into the making of cocktails, coffee and tea. We even asked them questions about an apparatus on the counter and turns out it was a ice ball making machine! The menu was kept simple with a focus on British classics like fish & chips, burgers and Shepherd's pie. 

The bread basket options at lunch were limited with two choices along with room temperature butter. The wheat sourdough was just okay while the ciabatta was better. 

Tamarind Spiced Chicken Wings ($128) - with spring onions and coriander. These chicken wings turned out to be quite finger lickin' awesome with its sharp and appetizing flavors! Perfect as appetizers! [4/5]

Traditional Shepherd's Pie (HK$208) - with braised lamb, potato purée and brioche garlic crumbs, this is British comfort food at its best! The potato purée was fluffy soft like clouds which balanced the rich flavors of the lamb perfectly. I especially love the top layer of the crunchy garlic crumbs! At first, I thought the portion was a bit small for the price but the dish turned out to be quite filling actually. [4.5/5]

Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding (HK$88) - with Muscovado caramel and clotted cream. This classic British dessert is a must-try here! Drenched in caramel sauce, the cake was moist and warm to eat. I was afraid the caramel sauce would make this really heavy but luckily it was not as it was well balanced by the clotted cream. Just be sure to get a bite of each together! [4.5/5] 

Verdict - if you're looking for well-executed British comfort food, BSK is definitely the place to go! 

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar
Mezzanine Level, LKF Hotel, 33 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: 2230 1800

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