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Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Just around the corner from Via Tokyo, a quiet cul-de-sac awaits with hidden gem eateries like cafes, dessert shops and now a Japanese yakitori bar comically named Bilibala. Why is the name comical? Well "bilibala" is supposedly what loud chatters sound like in Cantonese and thus the name is aptly suited then for a bar serving drinks and yakitori which is perfect for a night out chit chatting with friends. 

To get the night started,  we had to get some drinks first of course and my weapon of choice was Japanese plum wine. The Kakutama Umeshu ($88) was fragrant and subtly sweet which was great for pairing with food. 

Cold Japanese Tomato with Black Truffle ($58) - the black truffle was quite aromatic while the sweet and fresh tomatoes made for a very refreshing snack. 

Japanese Fish Ball with Wasabi ($48) - I was pleasantly surprised by this unique combination as the chewy fish balls went perfectly with the spicy wasabi.

Tamagoyaki ($58) - the tamagoyaki was well executed with the many soft layers of sweet egg.

Salad with Japanese Hot Spring Egg ($68) - served with Japanese sesame sauce, the salad was a delicious way to work some veggies into our meal before the onslaught of the yakitori dishes especially after a coating of the liquid egg yolk! 

Chicken Gizzard ($28) - I love the chewy textures of chicken gizzards and these were no exception with a slightly crispy exterior as well.

Lychee with Bacon ($32) - whoever thought of this combination of lychee with bacon is pure genius. The sweetness of the lychee balanced the saltiness of the meat perfectly. Just be careful when eating this as the lychee may still be quite hot and may burn your mouth. 

Ox Tongue ($40) - the ox tongue was a bit average as the tongue could be thicker and bouncier in texture but the array of sauces for the yakitori were a nice touch.

Fresh Eel ($88) - Loved the crispiness of the skin and the tenderness of the eel!

Tsukune ($48) - the ever classic minced chicken meatball was delicious to eat as bits of chewy cartilage had been incorporated into the meatball so it was crunchy-licious!

Grilled Rice Roll ($38 each) - in 3 flavors: cod fish roe, pickled plum, and bonito flakes. The rice rolls were quite crunchy to eat while I especially liked the spiciness of the cod fish roe and the tartness of the pickled plum.

Japanese Mochi with Cheese ($28) - finally we ended the night perfectly with these scrumptiously soft and chewy mochi filled with melting cheese that were just heavenly to eat. 

Verdict - the affordable price tags and great quality of food at Bilibala make it a great spot for happy hour with friends to eat and drink the night away. 

Bilibala Yakitori Bar
23 Haven Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2253 0300

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