[Hong Kong] Primal Cut Bar & Grill

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2

Have you ever wanted to watch sports in a classy environment instead of a noisy and crowded sports bar? Do you love steak and seafood? If your answer is yes to either question, then Primal Cut may be the answer for you. It's a new steakhouse/sports bar located in Causeway Bay with a very upscale and modern decor (think plush leather couches) which excels in steaks but also surprisingly in seafood as well! 

Our meal got off to a good start with this Beef Carpaccio Primal Cut Style ($268) with arugula, onsen egg, black truffle and white truffle oil. After breaking the onsen egg and mixing everything together, the beef carpaccio had great flavors by itself and tasted even better with a coating of egg yolk. 

I love clams a lot in general and the Clams Simmered in White Wine Sauce ($218) was simply irresistible! The clams were cooked just right and that white wine sauce was deliciously buttery and rich - I just wished I had bread to dip into it.

The seafood continued to shine here with this Linguine with Cod Fish, Hokkaido Scallops, Tiger Prawn, Blue Mussels in Truffle Cream Sauce ($298). That truffle cream sauce smelled amazing and was really on point as it went with the pasta and seafood very well - highly recommend this dish!

The Premium Sagabuta Pork Collar ($368) with homemade apple sauce surprised me with how juicy and tender the meat was. I thought it would have been quite lean and dry so I wasn't excited to try this dish at first to be honest. The apple sauce was a great side dish and complimented the pork perfectly. 

Hands down the best piece of steak ever! The Tomahawk Wagyu ($1688 for 1000g) was massive and yet tender and luscious with a mouth-watering savoriness. It's big enough to share between 3-4 people so grab your carnivore friends for a beef feast!

The steak was served with jus and also 3 types of mustard, but to be honest, the beef was flavorful enough by itself that it didn't need any sauce at all. 

We finished our meal with 3 solid desserts with the first being the Warm Lava Chocolate Cake ($118). Everything checked out here - molten chocolate center checked, chocolate was not too sweet checked and vanilla ice cream to balance the chocolate checked!

The Creme Brulee with Mixed Berries ($98) was as big as my face and I loved the vibrant colors of the berries on the custard. The thickness of the burnt sugar crust was just right especially since the creme brulee was so thin and I loved the strong vanilla flavor here as well.

I'm still trying to find an apple crumble that could beat the one at Le Moment and while the Apple Crumble ($118) here had great pieces of apple chunks in the center, I felt that the top layer was too crumbly and thin while not crispy enough. 

Verdict - while the prices may not be cheap, I believe that you do get what you pay for here and since Primal Cut places a lot of emphasis on sourcing and using the best ingredients whenever possible, you will be getting quality beef and seafood while the restaurant has demonstrated that they can execute on the cooking as well. I'm pretty excited to try their other dishes and I definitely will be back for that Tomahawk Wagyu!

*By Invitation

Primal Cut Bar & Grill
8/F, 38 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2618 3122

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