[Hong Kong] Pinot Duck

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

I was excited and intrigued to try this new fusion restaurant in my hood which features my favorite Peking duck! Located on the ground floor in Stanley Plaza, Pinot Duck offers fusion dishes with duck as the main star and Pinot wine pairing on the side. Like most of the restaurants in Stanley Plaza, the decor and ambiance are rather casual which is nice in its own way while service is very friendly. It turns out that they are owned by the same group that runs Nha Trang and BEP, and south side residents will be glad to know that Foodpanda delivers Pinot Duck so you can enjoy the food in the comfort of your own home. I actually ordered some food from Pinot Duck via Foodpanda on another night and it only took about 20 minutes for the food to come which came neatly packaged in plastic containers - so convenient!

The menu had a variety of Peking duck starters to choose from and I tried a couple from the classic crepe wraps to toasted brioche but my favorite would have to be the Peking Duck in Steamed Buns ($68). They use ducks from the US which are supposedly not as fatty (or so I'm told) and the fluffy bun was just perfect for the crispy skin and juicy duck meat. If you love Peking ducks, you will love all of the starters here.
Pinot Duck peking duck bun

The Pan Seared Foie Gras ($138) with glazed pineapple, Sichuan pepper, apple roselle sauce and toasted Chinese bun was gratifying as well as I love foie gras but I thought that the external coating of crumbs was unnecessary and should have let the outside caramelized naturally so more flavors will come through. The fruits and the sauce balanced the richness of the foie gras in a great way though. 
Pinot Duck pan seared foie gras

The Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck Breast ($98) with Xinjiang cantaloupe melon and mixed leaves salad was lovely as the smoked duck breast had a hint of Jasmine aroma but flavors can be on the light side.
Pinot Duck smoked duck breast

The Crispy Duck Wings ($88) which was tossed in Sichuan pepper and cumin seasoning was perfect as a snack to go with the local handcrafted beer served here but I did notice that the insides was not as hot as it could be.
Pinot Duck crispy duck wings

The Baby Oyster Deep Dish Omelette ($68) with duck eggs, julienned leek and hoisin sauce was a surprise hit as the omelette was so fluffy soft as opposed to what I was expecting at first which is a pan-fried version of Taiwanese oyster pancake. 
Pinot Duck oyster omelette

The Duck & Fennel Soup Dumplings ($98) in duck consomme was another plesant surprise as the filling was soft like what you'd expect in a ravioli compared to traditional dumplings while the flavors of the dumplings and soup were delightful and comforting to eat. 
Pinot Duck duck dumpling

The Creme Brulee ($78) with Chinese dried citrus zest was out of this world! Who knew that adding dried citrus zest to creme brulee would work as the tangy and salty flavors of the zest complemented the sweetness of the custard perfectly!
Pinot Duck creme brulee

Pinot Duck
Shop G7, Stanley Plaza
23 Carmel Road, Stanley
Tel: 2772 0060

*By Invitation

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