[Hong Kong] Wagyu Takumi - 2* French-Japanese Fine Dining

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2

After being disappointed by several new restaurants, I was more than happy to try established restaurants that I somehow haven't been yet and Wagyu Takumi was the first one that popped to mind! From the same group behind Gin Sai and Sushi Rozan, Wagyu Takumi is a 2 Michelin star French-Japanese restaurant helmed by Chef Mitsuru Konishi who has previously worked in Robuchon Tokyo as well as several other Michelin establishments in Paris. The restaurant was located on a secluded street in Wan Chai and after pressing a button that opened the door, we were ushered to our seats at the 14 person U-shaped counter where we can watch the chefs in action. I came here for lunch with a girlfriend where 4 courses cost $680 and 6 courses cost $980 with optional wine pairing. 
Wagyu Takumi entrance

After we picked out our courses, we were served pieces of baguette and sourdough bread which were warm but it was the soft creamy butter that stood out with its olive flavors. 

To signify the arrival of spring, our trio of amuse bouche were presented elegantly on a plate of flowers, leafs and rocks. Though small in size, each of the canape was packed with delicate flavors. The Japanese butan ebi tartare had a hint of refreshing acidity that reminded me of yuzu while the lemon cream roll with caviar filled our mouths with its sweet and tart creaminess. The Japanese wagyu beef tartare was also a delight with a torched layer of Bearnaise sauce on top.
Wagyu Takumi amuse bouche

Our appetizers arrived next and the White Asparagus Salad with white asparagus snow powdered ice looked absolutely gorgeous while the taste was refreshing and light! The coldness of the snow powdered ice took me by surprise at first but it ended up complimenting the white asparagus in a wonderful way. 
Wagyu Takumi white asparagus salad

The Barley Risotto with abalone and shimanto seaweed with lotus root was our absolute favorite dish of the meal! The abalone was soft and tender while the rich flavors from the abalone had been thoroughly absorbed by the risotto that had a delightfully chewy mouth feel.
Wagyu Takumi barley risotto abalone

One of our mains was the Japanese Azukihata with sauteed grouper and Hotaruika squid in white wine sauce. The fish was nicely cooked with a crispy skin and flaky interior which was well complimented by the yuzu dressing on top. I also loved the firefly squid which released an intense flavor of the ocean in the mouth at first bite.
Wagyu Takumi azukihata

Since the restaurant is known for its charcoal grilled dishes, we had to order the signature Japanese Wagyu with charcoal grilled tenderloin and beef tartar with monaka biscuit for an extra $200 supplement. The beef was very juicy and tender but I expected it to be more flavorful especially for a Wagyu. Fortunately the au jus was rich enough to save the dish.
Wagyu Takumi japanese wagyu beef

For dessert, we were served the Creme d'Anjou with madeleine and pink guava ice. I loved the crunchy meringue which was drizzled with mango sauce but I thought that the Cointreau-soaked madeleine on the bottom was far too strong and bitter for the delicate flavors of this dessert.

Lastly, we ended the meal with petit fours and choice of tea or coffee. I was quite full at this point so I just nibbled at the petit fours which were too sweet for me while the matcha tea was also a bit watery.
Wagyu Takumi petit fours

Verdict - while the price may not be cheap, I thought that the quality of the food and service was quite high at Wagyu Takumi and I'm definitely interested in coming back to try out the tasting menu for dinner.

Wagyu Takumi
16 Wood Road, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2574 1299

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