[Amsterdam] Vinkeles - 1 Michelin Star Contemporary French

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Our first dinner in Amsterdam was at the 1 Michelin star Vinkeles located in the luxury boutique hotel The Dylan. The head chef is Dennis Kuipers whose style is best described as a combination between traditional and modern French cuisine with an international touch. Housed in an old 18th century bakery, the ambiance of the restaurant was relaxed and warm with no dress code. The restaurant is highly rated on Tripadvisor and I can see why as the level of service was really high and attentive - the restaurant manager goes out of his way to make sure everyone leaves feeling special. The food was solid with few surprises but even so we enjoyed the meal due to the great service and they even invited us to have a few dishes at the chef's table!

The menu is quite flexible as you can order a la carte dishes or the Chef's signature menu of 10 courses for €145. A shorter Menu Alliance is also available with 5 and 6 courses for €90 and €105 which is what we end up ordering. 

Smoked white asparagus with pork belly

Shrimp on tapioca crisp with kombu seaweed

Giant pearl from oyster? I'll take two please! I loved the presentation of the edible Pearl which was filled with a White Lady cocktail with gin and triple sec. We were instructed to tip the beautiful oyster shell back so that the pearl can unleash a delicious concoction in our mouths.

Cucumber meringue with sea bass, celery and chili

Hamachi with unripe strawberries, yuzu, jalapeno, coconut, pistachio and chamomile

Sot l'y laisse with curry, Jasmine rice, apple confit, mint, shallot and cashew nut

Asparagus "Carbonara" with white asparagus, Parmigiano Reggiano Gravero 1er cru, and Bellota Iberico Admiracion. I thought that this was a rather interesting way to imitate the flavors of carbonara by using white asparagus.

The next 2 dishes were served at the chef's table right next to the kitchen where we got front row seats to the kitchen!

"Oosterschelde" lobster with white asparagus, morels, green peas, sea lavender, quail egg and bear leaf

Halibut with razor clam, cuttlefish, corn asparagus, Petit Doruvael, sorrel, cockles and green herbs jus

Anjou pigeon "Imperial" with breast, marinated peach, young white carrot, cinnamon, and sauce of bones and liver

Gariquette strawberries with rhubarb, yogurt, thyme and rose water

Petit fours with tandoori spices crisp and marshmallow with lemon and fennel

The chef's take on apple pie

Cherry bon bon chocolates

Keizersgracht 384 
1016 GB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20 530 2010

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