[Hong Kong] Popsy Modern Kitchen x Chandon - Summer Shores Weekend Brunch

Summer is here so cue the launch of summer themed menus starting with the Summer Shores Weekend Brunch at Popsy Modern Kitchen! In partnership with Chandon, the restaurant is launching a weekend brunch that includes a buffet bar + main course + dessert corner for $388 (half price for kids) from June 18th - August 28th and free flow Chandon which comes with a Chandon gift bag and one complimentary handcrafted ice pop from N*ice Pops for $168. You can also exercise your creativity by partaking in the Eat More Art Cookie Workshop where you can create your own sparkling sea shore cookie gift box with one complimentary glass of Chandon for $350 - available from 3-5pm on every Saturday during the same period. 

I loved the tropical flavors of the special edition ice pop that came in the shape of a sphere.

The brunch buffet bar included a selection of salads, shell pasta on sea shell, deviled eggs, cold cuts and cheese. 

Once you're done with the buffet, you can go ahead and place your order for the main course with 6 options to choose from. We sampled good variety starting with the brunch classic Popsy Egg Benedict with smoked salmon, spinach, eggs, homemade Hollandaise sauce and English muffins.The Hollandaise sauce was pretty nice and this is my top choice for the main course. 

The Seashore with pan-seared scallop and zucchini risotto with crab roe and seaweed is solid but some of the scallops were more cooked than others.

Weekend Roast with roasted lamp chop, chorizo, mashed potatoe and sauteed Brussels sprouts with mint gravy.

Fish Aquarium with pan-fried mackerel fillet, sun-dried tomato Orecchiette pasta in tomato sauce.

My favorite part of the brunch is of course the dessert corner which is on the other side of the buffet bar with marshmallows, jelly, cakes and tarts to choose from.

I loved this cute goldfish marshmallow on a stick.

It's a gummy bear chilling under a sun umbrella!

After watching countless dessert making videos on YouTube (without making any), I finally got the chance to decorate my own cookie with icing at the Eat More Art Cookie Workshop. You can choose from a starfish, conch or seashell shaped cookie as your base and work your imagination!

Well there you have it - my amateurish decorated starfish cookie trying to blend in with the other seashells. You can choose to eat it on the spot or take it home in an elegant box provided by the restaurant.

*By Invitation

Popsy Modern Kitchen
5/F, The Wellington
198 Wellington Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 2907 8188

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