[Bangkok] Supanniga | After You | Mae Varee | Boat Noodle

A compilation of of all the other delicious casual eating spots I managed to squeeze in for my short trip to Bangkok which I highly recommend for anyone visiting the city!

Supanniga Eating Room

Supanniga is a great casual dining spot which serves very delicious curry! We ended up trying their Gaeng Crab Meat Bai Cha Plu with crab meat and crab roe in spicy red curry with cha plu leaves. We learned our lesson from Soei and only ordered medium spicy which turned out to be just right! The crab meat were huge and chunky while the curry was super rich and flavorful.

J loves green curry so we also tried the Green Curry Look Chin Pla Krai with homemade fish balls. It's as good as green curry can get, and we both satisfied our Thai curry craving after this meal. 

After You Dessert Cafe

A lot of people told me that I must visit After You in Bangkok so I went to one of its many branches after our curry lunch. They are famous for Shibuya toasts but I was more interested in their creative kakigori desserts. Originally I wanted to try the mango sticky rice one but it was a limited time offer which had been replaced by a new Thai Tea flavor. The texture of the shaved ice was denser than Japanese kakigori (like a powder almost) while the flavor was absolutely on point and not too sweet. A must-try in Bangkok for sure!

The Thai Tea Kakigori also came with a Thai tea syrup for you to pour over the shaved ice and we also found cubed toasts and jelly on the inside!

Mae Varee Fruit Shop

Mae Varee is a mango specialty fruit shop that has been around for 20 years and rumor has it that it serves the best mango sticky rice so we get one to go (it's a takeaway shop). The verdict? Best mango sticky rice ever!

The mango sticky rice came with a bag of coconut milk and crispy crunches which we added to the super sweet mangoes and sticky rice - best combination ever!

Doy Kuay Teow Reua

Before we left for Bangkok, I had to try boat noodles for my last meal and we ended up trying this local place behind the temple as recommended by Mark Weins. Boat Noodles were originally sold by vendors on boats (hence the name) and served in small portions to prevent spillage on the choppy waters. To this day, the boat noodles are still served in small portions so people will eat 10 or more bowls in one seating. Each bowl is only 15 THB (HK$3.28) so even if you eat 30 bowls it will still be cheaper than a bowl at Samsen in Hong Kong. 

There are two flavors to choose from - beef or pork - so I tried one of each. The broth seemed to be the same so the only difference was in the pieces of blanched meat placed on top of the noodles. The broth was dark, rich and super flavorful and although the broth at Samsen was a bit more complex, you really can't beat the value for money here. 

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