[Macau] Man Ho 萬豪中菜廳 - Tea Cuisine at JW Marriott

As part of our JW Treatment at JW Marriott Macau, we had dinner at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant where we got to try new dishes infused with Chinese tea. One of the staff is a tea specialist and apparently he worked closely with the chef in the creation of these dishes. There's also a Man Ho at the JW Marriott in Hong Kong and although I have never tried it, I have heard great things from other bloggers so I was really excited to try the food here.

We started our meal with a total of 16 different appetizers - I was surprised by the variety which were mostly refreshing and appetizing to eat. 

The first tea course was the Roasted Honey Glazed Iberico Pork Belly smoked with "Lychee Black Tea" accompanied with Chinese yam and lotus root simmered with "Da Hong Pao Tea". The top of the char siu had been caramelized with a crispy glaze like creme brulee almost - it's a bit different from your regular char siu and I quite liked it!

The Double-boiled "Tieguanyin Tea" Snow Goose Soup with Abalone and Fish Maw was light yet flavorful, though I didn't taste any tea in the soup.

The Stir-fried Milk Curd with Daliang Chicken Roll had an interesting story to go along with it. The Daliang Chicken Roll (大良野雞卷) is a traditional Cantonese dish which is not made with chicken but with pork instead due to the shortage of chicken. 

Pomelo Skin Braised with Preserved Shrimp Roe

The Sauteed Macau Sole with Black Pepper in Singapore Style was fried perfectly while the black pepper sauce was seriously spicy - not for the faint-hearted!

The Smoked Chicken with Oolong and Coconut was another successful tea dish that was really flavorful. The chef came out to introduce this dish and he told us that in general it's pretty hard to incorporate tea flavors into food unless you smoke it. 

Seasonal Vegetables simmered with shredder fish maw and sea cucumber

The Seafood Rice with Abalone Sauce in Casserole turned out to be an impressive end to our meal as you can taste individual grains of rice which is usually a sign of a perfectly stir-fried rice. 

In general, I was pretty impressed with the food and the creativity that went into the dishes at Man Ho (especially the tea ones). That's it for my JW Marriott Macau trip report and be sure to check out part 1 if you haven't here!  

*By Invitation

Man Ho 萬豪中菜廳
Galaxy Macau, Macau
Tel: +853 8886 6228


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