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Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Named after Chef Julien Royer's grandmother, Odette is a 2 Michelin star modern French restaurant in Singapore that has also been recently awarded as the Highest New Entry on Asia's 50 Best Restaurant at #9! The restaurant is located inside the National Gallery Singapore and has a romantic and elegant decor that reminds of me Tate Dining Room in Hong Kong. I came here for dinner where you can choose the 6 course for SGD$228 or the 8 course for SGD$268, and we ended up going for the full degustation. For long meals like this you'd almost expect a few misses here and there, but I can honestly say that every single dish we had at Odette was strong and impressive - I definitely recommend this restaurant if you are looking for fine dining in Singapore. 

While we were still perusing the menu, we were each given a plate of 3 delicate amuse bouche including a Comte sponge with black truffle shavings, pita bread with anchovy and aubergine, and seaweed tart with petite peas.

You can pretty much tell that you'll have a great time at the start of the meal and this flavorful and aromatic Mushroom Tea with cep sabayon and walnut brioche proved just that. The mushroom tea had so much umami flavors and complex textures - it was just heavenly to drink!

Three types of bread with lard and butter. 

The first course was the Hokkaido Uni with langoustine tartare, mussel cloud, Oscietra caviar and Granny Smith apples. I felt that the main star of this dish was really the langoustine tartare rather than the uni which wasn't quite so evident under all the other flavors.

Next up was the Majestic Oyster 2 ways with Tartare with pickled onion, dill and sea pearl, and Tempura with vadouvan and sea grapes. Brought to us from Ireland, the oysters were presented in two very different form and flavors but yet equally delicious - the tempura was crispy and flavorful while the tartare was acidic and refreshing. 

The gorgeous Heirloom Beetroot Variation with salt-baked beetroot, Stracciatella Artigiana and honeycomb was probably my favorite dish of the night! The dish highlighted the different cuts and textures of beetroot brilliantly in combination with soft cheese. It's not the first time I had beetroot with cheese (I had it Ta Vie) but the version at Odette was absolutely on point.

The Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg with smoked potato syphon, chorizo Iberico and buckwheat was another impressive dish as the egg arrived floating on a cloud of smoke which was then poured into a bowl with the rest of the ingredients. The smoky rosemary aroma was amazingly fragrant and I loved this sophisticated twist on Spanish Huevos Rotos (broken eggs) which was what the flavor combination reminded me of. 

The Seared Foie Gras 'Maison Mitteault' with organic quinoa, glazed strawberry and sake gel was well-balanced in flavor as the strawberry and sake gel managed to cut through the fattiness of the foie gras. 

Honestly I thought that this would just be another fish dish, but the Norwegian Skrei Cod 'Esprit Thai' with kabocha, sakura ebi and lime leaves and thai spices pleasantly surprised me with its delicious curry sauce! It was flavorful and a bit acidic which didn't overwhelm the fish one bit. 

Pigeon Fabien Deneour 3 Services:
BBQ Breast with root vegetables, chestnut and parsley
Confit Leg with barley, mushroom and black truffle shavings
Liver & Heart Parfait

We got a preview of our pigeon main dish before it arrived, and it reminded us of the pigeon we had at Azurmendi which was also served in a few different forms. While the version at Azurmendi was still superior, Odette's interpretation was still fantastic especially the tender chicken breast and creamy liver parfait.

Our refreshing pre-dessert of earl grey granita, pumpkin sorbet and matcha ice cream.

The Lemon Tart with organic lemon curd, sable breton and basil sorbet arrived in the form of a sea urchin, bringing us full circle back to the first dish Hokkaido Uni. The lovely dessert was light and refreshing with sweet and acidic tones which served as the perfect ending to our meal. 

Lastly, we ended the meal as strong as we had started it with these beautiful petit fours - grapefruit and lime meringe lollipop, canele, passionfruit tart and salted caramel. 

As we were about to leave, we received a souvenir from the restaurant - a beautiful paper box containing a jar of redcurrant jam made by the chef. It was a nice touch so that we can take a piece of our wonderful experience back with us and I can't wait to try the jam at home. 

Odette Restaurant
1 St Andrew’s Road 
#01-04 Singapore 178957
Tel: +65 6385 0498

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