[Hong Kong] Amber - Feast for the Future

Amber will be closing temporarily for renovations soon on December 9th and I got the chance to dine one last time at the current Amber for a special Feast for the Future menu which showcases 14 signature dishes with each representing a year in the restaurant's 14-year journey! My first visit was in 2014 so I was glad to have the opportunity to try dishes from Amber's earlier years. The menu will only be available this week from December 3rd to 9th - do you spot your favorites below?

Chef Richard Ekkebus is embracing the changes with a brand new look - he dyed all his hair a cool shade of silver grey!

Taking one last look at the current decor of Amber's dining room.

2007: Compressed Watermelon, Japanese tomatoes, matured goat cheese, Arawak black pepper & Cabernet Sauvignon reduction 

2005: Duck Foie Gras Chupa Chup with beetroot & raspberry topped with crispy gingerbread & sea salt

2017: Ebisu Oyster over a plankton gel with organic kale, seawater & organic lemon jello, mustard cress bloom

2006: Aka Sea Urchin in a lobster jello with cauliflower, caviar & crispy seaweed waffle

2014: Tasmanian Salmon Confit & smoke, avocado, Kyuri cucumber, horseradish & granny smith apple

2015: Poularde de Bresse Galantine over poultry jello with Italian parsley gel, country bread 'tartine' with chicken jus & virgin hazelnut oil

2018: Aori Cuttlefish Ribbons Confit in kombu infused extra virgin olive oil with tear drop peas, wakame & shallots, buttermilk emulsion, plankton dust & torroro kombu

2009: Amadai Fennel & Orange Confit, 'bottarga' grated over fondant potato, 'bouillabaisse' & manni olive oil emulsion

2016: Duck Foie Gras steamed with fondant daikon, radish & seaweed broth

2011: Tayouran Egg Yolk Confit with kabocha pumpkin puree, bread croutons, crispy chicken skin & white Alba truffle

2008: Wagyu Striploin MS:A5, oven roasted, puree of 'forgotten' shallots, 'cocotte' of braised short ribs with girolle mushrooms & croutons

2012: Clementines Sorbet with florentine biscuit, confit zest, a semifreddo inspired after a 'calisson de provence'

2015: Hokkaido Corn Ice Cream, warm custard salted caramel popcorn & table shaved black winter truffle

2010: Abinao 85% Chocolate Souffle with cacao sorbet

The new Amber will open around late April of next year with a brand new menu and I can't wait to see what it will entail!

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7/F, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental
15 Queen's Road East, Central
Tel: +852 2132 0066

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