[Tokyo] Revisit to 2* Florilege フロリレージュ

 Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/4 (4.25/5)

Back at Florilege after 4 years and what a massive improvement since my last visit! The food was very good with creative combinations and well-balanced flavors - no wonder it has been awarded 2 Michelin Stars and #5 on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants recently. Unfortunately a few aspects of the service put a damper on our evening. First off, the lag time between dishes in the first half of the meal was way too long - good thing the pace picked up during the second half. Then there was a miscommunication with the drinks pairing which caused us to miss the first drink (plus they forgot to serve J his wine pairing for his second course so he decided to order a la carte instead). The restaurant is well-known for its non-alcoholic paring and I was impressed with it last time, but this time I thought it was just okay. In spite of all the mishaps, I think the good food managed to make up for it at the end.

We started our meal with two delicious small bites - Boudin Noir and Sweet Potato.

Although we had to wait quite awhile for it, the Mackerel with Blue Cheese turned out to be well worth the wait with its contrasting flavors and textures! Honestly I wasn't really sure about the blue cheese in the beginning but the flavor turned out to be quite light in the sauce and paired surprisingly well with the fish.

Matsutake & Cheese in Chawanmushi Style

The signature dish at Florilege is the Sustainability: Beef Carpaccio made with meat from Miyazaki cows that are slaughtered at 13 years old. Compared to the version I had 4 years ago, the flavors have improved tremendously.

"AYU" sweet-fish - the pregnant ayu (stuffed with its roe) was deliciously bitter and served with a risotto on top.

Suppon - the soft-shelled turtle was deep fried and then served with an aromatic broth of clams and truffle.

Pacific Saury - the sanma was plump and oily, and paired with ikura and caviar.

To Share: Kumamoto Aka Beef served with some luscious bone marrow on the side

Ending with several nice desserts:


Chocolate Omelette, Espresso Sauce

2-5-4 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo 
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