[Hong Kong] New Dishes at The Chairman 大班樓

While locals have always known about The Chairman, it seemed to have garnered more international attention recently after being ranked on Asia's 50 Best (and is now the highest ranked restaurant from Hong Kong at #11). Somehow Michelin stars have remained elusive, but the restaurant has always been one of my favorite Cantonese restaurants in town as it strives to bring out the original flavors of fresh and local ingredients without any use of MSG. Everyone knows about the signature steamed flowery crab by now but I have been back to The Chairman a few times this year and here's a list of new dishes that are also worthy to try as well.

Baby Squid in Cold Soya Szechuan Pepper Marinade & Pig Head Roll 
(涷滷水花椒小吊桶 & 豬頭卷)

Deep Fried Crispy Taro Puff with Smoked Duck 

Stinky Tofu 

BBQ Chicken Liver with Chinese Bun 

Sugar Pickled Roses, Shrimps and Beancurd Pudding

One Bite Sweet and Sour Pork

Grouper Fish Head steamed with fermented chili and salted lard 

Camphor Wood Smoked 7 Spiced Goose 

This is one of my absolute favorite lately with its intense flavors. Steamed for 12 hours and then smoked, the meat was almost falling off the bones - I think this may very well become the next signature dish after the flowery crab with shaoxing wine.

Crab Meat and Sakura Shrimps Sticky Rice 

*By Invitation

The Chairman
18 Kau U Fong, Central
Tel: +852 2555 2202

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