[Hong Kong] How to Make Roganic's Soda Bread and Apple Tart

With everyone becoming an amateur chef and baker at home these days, Roganic has just launched a timely baking workshop where you can learn how to make 2 iconic dishes - apple tart and soda bread! The workshop also includes a tasty 3-course lunch at the restaurant. Classes are available every Thursday, Friday and Sunday throughout the months of April and May. The duration is around 4 hours long and the fee is HK$1000 per person which includes lunch + baking + welcome drink + all day coffee & tea.

If you’re interested in making the apple tart and soda bread at home, here are the recipes:

How to Make Apple Tart
(watch my video tutorial here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_cfNbAl7hZ/)

(8 servings)

6 Red Apples
1/2 Puff Pastry block
105g Sugar
50g Water
30g Unsalted Butter
1g Sea Salt

1. For the caramel, put the sugar and water in saucepan on medium. Add butter then salt to finish
2. Carefully spoon the caramel into the moulds for it to set
3. Use a Japanese Chiba mandolin to turn the apples into ribbons, then roll tight
4. Roll the puff pastry to 3mm in thickness, then use a ring cutter to cut the pastry to size
5. Place the rolled apple ribbons into the moulds, followed by the puff pastry discs
6. Bake at 200°C for 10 minutes, then turn the tray around and bake for another 10 minutes

How to Make Soda Bread
(watch my video tutorial here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_kNfwLlhNh/)

(8 servings)
Ingredients for the preferment:
110g Wholemeal flour
24g Oats
180g Buttermilk
180g Water
4g Yeast

Ingredients for the bread mix:
170g T45 flour
7g Fine salt
7g Bicarbonate of soda
30g Melted butter
25g Golden syrup

1. For the preferment, mix everything together and leave to proof on top of oven (or a warm place) for 1 hour
2. Add dry ingredients, melted butter and golden syrup
3. Spray the moulds, pipe the mixture in, then proof on top of oven (or a warm place) for 35-40 minutes
4. Spray with water and generously sprinkle with demerara and oats on top
5. Bake at 200°C fan 3 for 15 minutes
6. Remove from the moulds and cool on baking racks

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