Cornucopia Fine Dining 慶有餘 | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2

Located in the Cubus building in Causeway Bay, Cornucopia Fine Dining serves high quality Chinese food in a grand and opulent setting. The gold and red decor was both traditional and classy especially with several Chinese lion heads adorning the walls. As the restaurant was highly recommended by a foodie friend, we came here to try their dim sum for lunch with high anticipation, and we were not disappointed!

Goose Liver Paste & Abalone Tart ($48) - the dim sum was impressive from the start with this creative tart that came with a goose liver filling and topped off with a small abalone and sauce. The goose liver paste was rich and packed with flavors while the abalone was soft and chewy! Even the pastry tart was perfection with its buttery flavors. [5/5]

Guava & Scallops Dumplings ($48) - these dumplings were gorgeous to look at with its spring-like colors! I was intrigued by the unique combination of guava and scallops, and they were delightful together as the flavors were light and exquisite. If only the flavor of guava was stronger, this would be another perfect dish. [4/5]

Supreme Classic Shrimp Dumplings ($48) - the shrimp dumpling is a classic dish that must be ordered every time at dim sum! Wrapped in a thin dumpling skin, the fillings were delicious as the shrimps were simply juicy and ravishing to feast on. [4.5/5]

Steamed Hand-made Rice Rolls with Minced Beef ($52) - this was one of the best steamed rice rolls I've ever had! We couldn't help but stop to admire the transparent top layer of the rice roll when it was first brought out to the table. The rice roll was flawless as it was thin and smooth while the minced beef with dried tangerine peel was a heavenly combination. 

Ox Tongue with Black Pepper ($48) - the ox tongue was different from what I'd imagined as it was soft and tender instead of the usual chewy texture at Japanese yakitori places. The flavors were simple yet delightful to eat. [4/5]

Avocado Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($45) - these vegetarian spring rolls were perfectly executed with its crispy shell and delectable fillings. The addition of avocado was a fantastic choice as it infused the rolls with fresh and splendid flavors. [5/5]

Wrapped Sticky Rice with Abalone ($68) - this was one huge wrapped sticky rice packed with lots of fillings inside like abalone, chicken, and even tendon! The flavors were scrumptious and divine - so good I practically inhaled it! [5/5]

Steamed Traditional Layer Cake ($45) - compared to the savory dishes, the desserts were a bit disappointing. Our first of two desserts was this steamed thousand layer cake made with egg yolk and coconut shreds. The coconut shreds enhanced the textures while the egg yolk was a bit salty. [3.5/5]

Steamed Egg White Custard Buns ($38) - instead of the usual egg custard bun, the restaurant choose to serve a variation of it using egg white only for the custard. The result was a mixed bag - while it was lighter and healthier, the egg white custard was not as fragrant and flavorful as its normal counterpart. It was not sweet and quite bland actually for a dessert. [3/5]

Verdict - the quality of the dim sum at Cornucopia was high with its creative dishes and impressive flavors! Although the prices are not cheap, the restaurant makes up for it with its elegant and quiet setting so one can enjoy dim sum without the usual noise or chaos. The kitchen has obviously got their fundamentals right with dim sum and we can't wait to try their dishes for dinner next time!

Cornucopia Fine Dining

7/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay 
2323 7280

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