Greyhound Cafe

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

My friends and I were looking for a convenient place to eat dinner before the Bruno Mars concert, so we decided to eat around IFC. I suggested Greyhound Cafe - a Thai Fusion restaurant that I have passed by many times in the mall but haven't tried yet. Good thing I made reservations ahead of time because I saw a long line when I arrived. 

The restaurant was brimming with young people. The restaurant had a half-opened design in which there were no walls separating the restaurant from the mall. It created a more opened and airy space, so the ambiance was more casual as you can see and hear the hustle and bustle of the people shopping in IFC. 
Thai Ice Tea with Milk ($38) - when I eat Thai in the states, I'd usually get a Thai ice tea. I felt like I haven't done that in the longest time so decided to get this instead of their famous ice tea. The flavors were alright but I couldn't put my finger on what was off about it. Maybe too much milk and not enough tea flavor.
Iced Tea (Greyhound Style) ($35) - my friend W got the iced tea here famous for the ice cubes made with tea. The tea tasted a bit weird though like some sort of Chinese medicine - probably because my friend ordered the unsweetened version.
Salmon Carpaccio ($108) - this dish was surprisingly delicious! The sliced fresh salmon came with raw garlic and a special Thai spicy sauce that was refreshing and appetizing to eat. The flavors came together very well - I would highly recommend getting this. [5/5]
Crispy Sweet Corn with Crab Meat ($88) - I love this dish as well! The corn was very sweet and fried to a nice crispy state, but I couldn't taste any crab meat in it. The accompanying Thai sweet and sour sauce enhanced the flavors perfectly! [4.5/5]

Weeping Tiger with Spicy Pesto ($98) - we ordered this dish because the name was intriguing, but unfortunately the steak cubes were tough to chew. The spicy pesto sauce was similar to the one with the salmon carpaccio, so I wouldn't order this dish again next time along with the salmon. [3/5]

Spicy Spaghetti Olio with Bacon ($108) - a very disappointing dish. We were debating between this and the pad thai but we made the wrong choice apparently. The pasta came with stir-fried with bacon, black olive and dried chilies, but it was very dry overall and was not spicy at all. I would not recommend this dish period. [2/5]
Verdict - the food was pretty good for a casual meal while the prices were reasonable. I've heard that the service was horrible from one of our friends, but I didn't notice any issue with the service the day we were there. I would go back to try more dishes next time if I didn't have to wait in line. 

Greyhound Cafe
Shop 1082, 1/F, International Finance Centre Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central
2383 1133 

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