[Hong Kong] 洪瑞珍三文治 Horng Ryen Jen Sandwiches at Honey Granny

Checking out the hype behind the Horng Ryen Jen sandwiches from Taiwan! Apparently these sandwiches from Taichung has replaced the classic pineapple cakes as the most requested souvenir from Taiwan recently. Horng Ryen Jen is a traditional bakery in Taichung that started in the 70's and its signature item are sandwiches with a variety of fillings. The reason that it's so popular? It's cheap and damn good! Luckily, Honey Granny which is a ice cream chain in Hong Kong now carries these sandwiches with fresh deliveries straight from Taiwan several times a week so you don't have to fly to Taiwan to get them. I actually had to stop by the Quarry Bay branch several times before I actually got to try them because they were always sold out. Since they do post the next delivery date for the sandwiches, I made sure to visit on the day of the delivery since they tend to sell out the day of. 

With 6 flavors to choose from including Original, Cheese, Mix, Wheat, Strawberry and Orange, each sandwich costs $25 which is approximately 4 times the price in Taiwan. 

I ended up trying two flavors - the Original with ham, cheese, secret mayo and fresh cream and Cheese with cheese, eggs, secret mayo and fresh cream.

Each sandwich was nicely wrapped with a layer of paper and plastic covering. I took a bite and realized why it was so popular - the secret was all in the layers of secret mayo and fresh cream in the sandwiches which was so deliciously sweet and addicting to eat with the soft fluffy bread!

Verdict - the hype is real! The sandwiches were really delicious even though they cost a bit more than similar sandwiches in HK. If you're not going to Taiwan anytime soon, this is a way to get your craving satisfied!

Honey Granny
Hung Hom - 29 Tak Man Street
Quarry Bay - 36 Hoi Kwong Street

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