[Hong Kong] Oddies Foodies - New Branch in Central!

Congratulations to one of my favorite dessert shop Oddies Foodies on the opening of its second branch in Central! I can't believe that it's only been less than a year since I first tried its eggettes with gelato dessert and I've been hooked on their innovative creations ever since. The new shop on Gough Street is much bigger and brighter with chic pop art designs hanging on the walls while high chairs are available for dine in. The most exciting addition is the counter with 12 kinds of gelato to choose from! Literally like a kid in an ice cream shop, it was hard to choose a favorite because all of the flavors were really good. Some of my favorites included the Morning Bunny with yogurt and mixed berries coulis, Gommmma with black and white sesame, Fig Mission with marsala fig and walnut, Burnt Fingers with salted caramel, First Kiss with strawberry and balsamic and Harry's Lunchpack with peanut butter and jelly! Prices are $43 for single scoop, $68 for double and $88 for triple. 

Of course the ever popular signature Night Wolf dessert ($60) with eggettes and dark chocolate gelato is also available at the new branch as well. The eggette station will serve chocolate brownie eggettes ($28) and a flavor of the day option ($30)!

I realized that I've never posted all of the creations that I've tried at Oddies on my blog so here they are in reverse chronological order:

Chinese Sausage Eggettes ($22) - I love to eat Chinese sausage so I was pretty curious about whether this dessert would work. With bits of actual Chinese sausage, the eggette itself was well-made and I felt like I was eating a Chinese sausage bun at times but I just didn't think the savoriness of the sausage went well with the sweetness of the eggettes. Let's just say that I'd prefer to eat regular eggettes over this one. 

9AM ($55) - proof that bacon goes with everything...including ice cream! This creation came with Italian low fat twist gelato, mango, pomelo, coffee cornflake crunch, homemade salted caramel ice cream, crispy bacon and piggie raspberry jam toast. I totally got this dessert for the cute piggie toast which was still crispy but it was the salted caramel ice cream that stole my heart with its awesome smokiness!

GUMMM ($55) - this was a limited time Chinese New Year offering with Italian low fat soft gelato, mandarin, kumquat, red date jelly, homemade cheesecake ice cream and mandarin cream cheese panna cotta. It tasted more like a cheesecake dessert than a mandarin one though and would have been better if the gelato was mandarin flavored as well.

Mont Blanc ($55) - Italian low fat gelato served with crunchy meringue, candied chestnut, chestnut vanilla ice cream, butter crumbs, black currant compote, rose champagne espuma and handcrafted Christmas tree. I loved this festive dessert especially the fragrant rose champagne espuma and the crunchy meringue, although the chestnut flavor in the ice cream could have been stronger while the candied chestnuts were also a bit too heavy for me.

And of course to come full circle, the first dessert I ever tried: 

Night Wolf ($49) - Italian low fat soft gelato twisted with 66% dark chocolate served with butter crumbs, caramelized banana ice cream, passion fruit panna cotta, brownie, chocolate chip eggettes and crunchy flakes. It may sound like a lot at first, but the many layers of flavors and textures all worked together superbly! I especially loved the dark chocolate gelato that was velvety rich while the tartness of the passion fruit panna cotta was able to balanced out the sweetness of the gelato. The chocolate chip eggettes were well-made too with a crispy shell and chewy interior.

Oddies Foodies
33 Gough Street, Central
149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai
Tel: 9551 7972

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