[Hong Kong] TABLE - Depurated Seafood & Mud Crab Roe Rice

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I was back at TABLE to try some of its signature dishes - the only restaurant in Hong Kong that specializes in depurated seafood! Depuration refers to a process where seafood are cleared of their impurities in a special marine salt water for a minimum of 72 hours before consumption. Most seafood consumed in the city are imported from overseas which takes around 3-4 days and during that time they aren't able to cleanse themselves. That's where the depuration process steps in which is meant to revert the seafood back to its natural state to maximize its fresh flavors. The chef Sandy Keung is a self-taught chef with a decade of private catering experience and her dishes at TABLE are inspired by a variety of international flavors including French, Spanish, Mediterranean, Japanese and Korean.

The Depurated Oysters were very fresh and required no sauces or lemons for flavor. We were told to smell our fingers afterwards to prove that the oysters left no smell on our hands.

The French Beef Carpaccio ($328) used quality raw thinly sliced beef of French Blanc d'Aquitaine breed from farm and boucherie of Alexandre Polmard. 

The 63° Egg with Scampi Tartare and Parsnip ($188) was absolutely delicious to eat as I mixed the thick and flavorful yolk with the tartare and mashed parsnip. 

The Losbter Espresso ($148) was delightfully rich and flavorful while I also loved the cute presentation in an espresso cup. 

Flower Crab Meat with Handmade Egg Noodle ($248)

"HK Typhoon Shelter" Angel Hair ($168)

The US Prime Beef Short Rib ($128) was cooked perfectly which was very juicy and flavorful and while the oyster sauce was lovely, I wasn't sure it really went with the beef.

The signature dish we were all waiting for was the Mud Crab Meat & Roe with garlic rice ($1680), and the sinfully delicious crab roe and tomalley were mixed with the rice which was absolutely divine to eat! Granted the price is not exactly cheap but it is meant to be shared between 4-6 people and I highly recommend getting this dish if you are dining here. 

We ended our blissful meal with a Black Olive Ice Cream on dark chocolate pudding cake which was not too sweet with a slight savory taste from the olive ice cream.

*By Invitation


8/F, The Pemberton
22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 2815 2367


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