[Hong Kong] Old Bailey 奧卑利 in Tai Kwun

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/4 (4.25/5)

Tai Kwun is the new heritage and arts center located at the former Central police station complex in Hong Kong. Aside from culture and exhibitions, the center also houses a number of dining outlets including JIA Group's new Jiangnan restaurant - Old Bailey. To complement the traditional cuisine, the space is beautifully designed with inspiration from Ming Dynasty furnishings. The outdoor terrace overlooking SoHo is open all day - serving a selection of wines, cocktails, teas and more.

The Mala Xiao Long Bao ($98) was one of our favorite dishes as the dumpling skin was smooth and thin while the filling with mala Iberico pork was exquisite. It can be hard to find high quality xiao long bao in Hong Kong so this would definitely be one of my go-to places for XLB.

The Marinated Jellyfish with cucumber and aged black vinegar ($128) was a refreshing appetizer and I liked the rather firm mouthfeel of the jellyfish.

The Liangxi Crispy Eel ($98) was another lovely appetizer as this is one of my favorite Shanghainese dishes and this was nicely executed here.

The Red-braised Lion's Head with hand-minced organic pork meatball ($188) may the most tender meatball yet (almost as soft as the one at Tasting Court)! 

The Longjing Tea Smoked Pigeon ($188) arrived in a waft of smoked under a wooden birdcage was the most impressive dish of the meal! Besides the dramatic presentation, the flavors were sweet, smoky and utterly delicious.

The Hairy Crab Roe Hand-pulled Noodles ($138 pp) was a heavenly dish to end on - our only complaint was perhaps there was too little crab roe in ratio to the noodles. 

We were quite full already so decided to share the Organic Soymilk Pudding ($48) between the two of us. The pudding was extremely refreshing to eat after so much savory food - it was like drinking a glass of very pure soy milk and there was even two little pieces of youtaio to complete the dessert.

*By Invitation

Old Bailey 奧卑利
22 Old Bailey Street, Central
Tel: +852 2877 8711


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