[Macau] Guest Chef Tsutomu Shimamiya at Mizumi

Besides trying Chef Tam's food at Wing Lei Palace, I also had the honor of trying the dishes from Guest Chef Tsutomu Shimamiya of Sushi Zen in Hokkaido on this trip. The chef is a consultant for Mizumi in Wynn Macau and one of only two sushi chefs to ever receive Japan's national "Master Contemporary Craftsman" award. For 2 nights only on Oct 18-19, diners had the chance to experience artisanal craftsmanship at the hands of a master chef at Mizumi in Wynn Palace. It was a rare treat to be able to watch the master carve the tuna and also make the nigiri in front of us.

Steamed Hokkaido Hairy Crab with Liver Sauce

Hokkaido Sujiko Salmon Roe with Yuzu

Hay-smoked Aomori Bonito topped with scallion and young ginger

Assorted Sashimi - Chutoro, Hoshi Karei, Botan Ebi, Uni

Ishikawa Sea Perch chargrilled with Matsutake Mushroom



King Salmon


Bafun Uni

Marinated King Salmon



Kuruma Ebi


The chef told us that he was the one that invented this popular Toro Maki with Shiso and Radish as he originally made it as a snack for the staff since he didn't want to waste the bits and ends of the tuna that could not be used for sushi. He then started to introduce it at his restaurant and the trend spread to many sushi restaurants in Japan.

Tamago with White Shrimp

Seasonal Japanese Fruits

*By Invitation

Mizumi 泓
Wynn Palace, Av. da Nave Desportiva, Macau
Tel: +853 8889 3663


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