[Singapore] 1* JAAN by Chef Kirk Westaway

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/4 (4.25/5)

We ended our Singapore eating trip with a fantastic lunch at 1* JAAN! Located on the 70/F of the Swissotel, you are treated with panoramic views of the city. The restaurant is somewhat of an institution with an impressive lineage of chefs - Andre Chiang of 2* Restaurant Andre, Julien Royer of 2* Odette, and now Kirk Westaway. A departure from his predecessors who specialized in French cuisine, Chef Kirk is “reinventing British” to showcase the natural flavors of his home country. I had the opportunity to try one of his dishes at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Macau earlier this year so I was glad to have the opportunity to try more dishes from the chef. 

We started our meal with some beautiful amuse bouche paired with a glass of Krug:
Beetroot Meringue with Smoked Eel
Devonshire Cheddar Cheese & Buckwheat Pancake
Fish & Chip Tartlet
Chicken Curry

The Roast Potato with Truffle Soup was full of umami flavors.

Mini Loaf, Devon Butter

I loved the clever presentation of the Majestic Oyster with Kristal Caviar and Jerusalem Artichoke Custard while the flavors were delicate and balanced.

The English Garden with over 30 different types of vegetables and herbs may be one of the prettiest salad ever! You can even “water” your garden with some dashi provided on the side in a watering can. The vegetables included both cooked and raw which were nicely paired with condiments such as beetroot puree, anchovy dressing, black olive sugar and Scottish kombu dressing.

I had tried the Eggs in an Egg before - a signature dish of Chef Kirk's. The dish arrived in an egg-shaped container and a waft of smoke floated out when the top was removed. Two pieces of crispy cheese toasts were provided on the side for an upscale version of egg and solders!

The Line Caught Brill with Pumpkin and Curry was a fantastic dish - I also remember having a similar dish at Odette last year as the distinctive combination of curry and fish made an impression.

The Salt Marsh Lamb with Aubergine was another strong dish - the Welsh lamb was prepared like a roulade and browned on the sides while the apricot and lemon sauces served to balance the hearty flavors.

The palate cleanser is a sorbet made with Pimms - a popular British summer drink. To enhance that summer feeling in a park, it looked like the sorbet was sitting on some grass and picnic blanket.

Autumn Pear with Vanilla

Petit Fours

Overall we enjoyed our meal at JAAN very much - I think there's a lot of potential and I look forward to more from Chef Kirk.

*By Invitation

2 Stamford Road, Level 70, Equinox Complex, Singapore 178882
Tel: +65 6837 3322

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