[Singapore] JB Ah Meng 新山亚明小厨

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2 (4.5/5)

Back in Singapore and our first meal this time was at JB Ah Meng - a popular zi char restaurant that’s visited by many famous chefs including Ferran Adria, Anthony Bourdain, and Gordon Ramsay as well as local chefs. If you don’t have reservations, it’s best to go early to avoid the long queues; we came at opening time at around 5:30 pm but still had to sit outside because all the tables inside were already reserved. The chef hails from Malaysia so there are unique dishes that he brought over from his home country including the highly popular San Lou Bee Hoon (more on that below).

After we placed our order, the staff brought over two types of chili sauce which seems to be homemade.

There’s a few signature dishes here and one of them is the San Lou Bee Hoon which is rice vermicelli mixed with dried shrimps, shredded squid and soy sauce. The noodles were fried and flatten until it was crispy on the outside but still retained its chewiness on the inside - so delicious and only S$7 for the small portion. They tasted great by itself and even better with a bit of their homemade chili sauce as well.

The Fried Garlic Chili Lala (which is a type of Filipino clam) is another signature and a personal favorite. I loved the combination of the sweet, garlicky and spicy flavors, and the clams were so plump and juicy! The small portion costs S$16 and my only regret was not ordering the larger portion when we finished the clams rather quickly.

And of course the famous White Pepper Crab is a must-try here! The market price for us was S$52 for 3 crabs; the crabs were a bit smaller in size than the usual crab you get in Singapore. The crab meat was meaty but it was the white pepper sauce that made the dish - the spiciness was totally irresistible and finger-licking good!

JB Ah Meng is now definitely one of my go-to place for crabs in Singapore along with Mellben Seafood!

JB Ah Meng
534 Geylang Road, Singapore 389490
Tel: +65 6741 2418

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