[Singapore] 1* Cloudstreet by Chef Rishi Naleendra

Rating: 4/5

A lovely lunch with exciting flavors at Cloudstreet where the tasting menu draws from Chef Rishi Naleendra's Sri Lankan heritage and Australian culinary experience. The restaurant has 1 Michelin Star and is currently #31 on Asia's Best 50 Restaurants list - most recently its pastry chef Maira Yeo was also crowned Asia’s Best Pastry Chef! My absolute favorite dish here was the pork jowl with river eel and crunchy kale with its myriad of contrast flavors and textures; other highlights included the turbot with coconut miso & spiced raisin, liquorice bread and Tochigi A4 Wagyu beef.

Grilled Oyster, Betel Leaf, Coconut

- A5 Beef Tartare, Tororo Kombu Confit 
- Potato, Smoked Herring Bergamot 
- Meringue, Beetroot 

Grilled Jeju Island Abalone, “Majestic” Caviar

Pearl Oyster Meat, Daikon, Tsuyu, Yuzu

Kosho Pork Jowl, River Eel, Tuscan Kale, Corn

French Turbot, Coconut Miso, Spiced Raisin

Sri Lankan Stout and Liquorice Bread

Tochigi A4 Wagyu, Fermented Soy, King Brown Mushroom

After the savory portion of our meal, we continued our experience in the lounge upstairs for desserts! Helmed by Maira Yeo who was recently named Asia’s Best Pastry Chef by Asia's 50 Best, her creations were certainly anything but traditional.

The first dessert was a Celtuce & Yuzu Sorbet with green chili yogurt, coriander cress and topped with drops of vanilla oil - an interesting and refreshing dessert with a bold hint of spiciness.

The second dessert comprised of a Celeriac Ice Cream with fried capers, vanilla rose custard and slices of pickled guava that resemble weaving cloth. 

Then finally Petit Fours to round off the meal: 
- Tamarind & Pink Peppercorn Vegemite, Cascara Tart 
- Ragi Financier 
- Coffee & Kithul Choux Puff 
- Hazelnut Chantilly 
- Pomegranate & Cardamom Coconut Caramel
84 Amoy Street, Singapore 069903
Tel: +65 6513 7868

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