[Singapore] Gastro-Botanica Cuisine at Restaurant Euphoria

Rating: 4.25/5

Another wonderful experience we had in Singapore this time was our meal at Restaurant Euphoria with the humble onion in the spotlight! The chef Jason Tan (formerly of Corner House) used to dislike vegetables until he chanced upon the Cevennes onion, and since then he has made onions and vegetables key components in his Gastro-Botanica cuisine - even the rich mother sauces of classical French cuisine have been replaced by lighter essences made only with vegetables here so diners will not leave the restaurant feeling stuffed. Located in Chinatown, the restaurant was decorated with many motifs of the onion from the interior design to the tableware. We found the food to be not only aesthetically gorgeous but also well executed with exquisite flavors - it’s not to be missed in Singapore!

Our menu started with several beautifully constructed AMUSE BOUCHE
- Feuille de brick | Sunchokes | Baerii caviar 
- Watermelon radish| White balsamic | Sudachi 
- Gorgonzola| Black truffle| Honey 

Followed by the SHIMA AJI with Endive, Orange, Ginger, and Légumes essence

Then we had one of the chef’s signature dish MY FAVOURITE VEGETABLE from his previous time at Corner House featuring the Oignon doux des Cévennes prepared in 4 ways: 
- Onion Tart
- Onion Chip
- Earl Grey Infused Onion Tea
- Baked Onion Cup with onion purée, 62° C egg and black truffle

An elaborate pamphlet explaining the dish was given to us beforehand.

The new signature dish OIGNON JAMBOREE featured 5 different varieties of onions cooked 5 ways - Cévennes onion, red onion, pearl onion, yellow onion and spring onion! The dish was finished tableside with a generous spoonful of Oscietra prestige caviar aged for 4 months and Legumes essence.

The MOCHISHIRE "SOUPE À L'OIGNON" was the irresistible bread course inspired by French onion soup. A mix between Brazilian cheese bread and Yorkshire pudding, the mochi bread was simply heavenly to eat with the caramelized onion dip - we definitely had seconds!

35 LAYERS CARROT "TART" with Obsiblue prawn, Oscietra prestige caviar, smoked creme and seaweed where the carrot layers were razor thin! 

The BOMBA RICE with cuttlefish, shiso and fermented rice is inspired by the local clay pot rice dish - we were told to break apart the crispy shell (which mimics socarrat) and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. 

LANGOUSTINE with pork jowl, cordyceps, vin jaune and Légumes emulsion 

BLUE COD “CRISPY SCALES” with firefly squid, white asparagus, finger lime, seaweed and Légumes emulsion 

The last savory dish was the fantastic WAGYU BEEF CHEEK with celeriac, Foie Gras, black truffle, port and Légumes demi glace. 

The ALMOND with yogurt, yuba, isomalt and Oscietra prestige caviar served as the palate cleanser. While it’s less common to use caviar in desserts, this combination here just simply works! 

The main dessert was the MONT BLANC with Jivara 40%, earl grey, parsnip and whisky. 

Lastly, our meal ended with ALICE IN WONDERLAND - the petit fours served in an intricate wooden box designed by the chef’s wife Alice who was also responsible for the design of the restaurant:
- Horlick kinako mochi 
- Canelé de Bordeaux 
- Macadamia "Caramelia 36%" 
- Nutmeg madeleine

Restaurant Euphoria
76 Tras Street, Singapore 079015

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