[Singapore] Marguerite - Fine Dining Restaurant in the Flower Dome

Rating: 4.25/5

For one of our last meals in Singapore, we had a fantastic time at Marguerite - a new fine dining restaurant in the beautiful Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay! Helmed by Australian Chef/Owner Michael Wilson who earned his first Michelin Star shortly after opening Phenix in Shanghai, the food is exceptionally creative from tagliolini “noodles” made with blue prawns to a sausage stuffed into the boned-out neck of the duck to cook. The non-alcoholic beverages here are equally stunning and highly recommended. Access to the restaurant includes a complimentary buggy service to and from the entrance of Gardens by the Bay plus entry to the Flower Dome pre or post meal.

We chose to explore the Flower Dome for a bit before the meal while there was still daylight, and headed back to the restaurant when we were ready. We were here to try the spring tasting menu which started with a series of tasty amuse bouche:
- Kingfish and Caviar with smoked cream 
- Steak Frites with steak tartare & fried quail egg 
- Apricot and Comte 36 with dehydrated apricot & 36 month aged Comte cheese 
- Foie Gras Cornetto with Foie Gras parfait & prune purée

The first course was the Dungeness Crab on a cucumber meringue and paired with a refreshing cucumber sorbet and lettuce gazpacho (made with 10 different vegetables and herbs) on the side - a true celebration of the spring season.

The bread course was a Spelt Sourdough with house-churned butter, EVOO and wild oregano.

Next up was the Morel Mushroom Custard served with grilled asparagus, spring peas, sautéed morel mushrooms, burnt butter and lovage oil - another lovely ode to spring.

And then one of my favorites of the night, the New Caledonian Blue Prawn “Tagliolini”! The prawns are made into a paste and formed into tagliolini before being cooked for just 90 seconds, and served with a rich bisque made from the pan-roasted heads of the blue prawns - an absolutely wonderful and delicious creation.

Another highlight was the Patagonian Toothfish which was aged for 7 days and then gently poached, paired with a delicious passionfruit sabayon and topped with slices of abalone. Never thought that passionfruit would go well with fish before trying this dish!

The main dish is the impressive Roast Alyesbury Duck with a sausage made of duck leg meat and Foie Gras which is then stuffed into the boned-out neck of the duck to cook! The sausage may be one of my favorite things I’ve eaten this year. Served with fermented plum ketchup, Jerusalem artichoke purée, kale and fresh slices of plum. 

Moving onto desserts, we started with a refreshing Green Apple Sorbet with Chartreuse and galangal espuma. On the side was a Walnut Macaron with gorgonzola dolce, fennel marmalade and Granny Smith apple. 

The main dessert was a beautiful Pain Perdu with Tonka bean creme diplomat and topped with both wild and cultivated strawberries. 

And finally a cart with 7 types of Mignardises rolled by our table and of course I had to try them all: 
- Sea Buckthorn Chocolate 
- Lokum 
- Turron 
- Strawberry Marshmallow Biscuit 
- Red Capsicum Pate De Fruits 
- Espresso Chocolate 
- Chewy Salted Caramel with Hazelnut

Marguerite Restaurant
18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-09 Flower Dome, Singapore 018953
Tel: +65 6604 9988

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