[Hong Kong] Bungalow

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

If Bungalow looks a little familiar, it's because it's the reincarnation of Prive in the exact same location by the Prive Group but besides being a nightclub, Bungalow is also a contemporary French restaurant with a newly launched summer menu that incorporates fresh local ingredients in an unpretentious and affordable way! I was immediately impressed with the decor as it was haute and chic with chandeliers, checkered floors and a prominent island bar where you can pick your poison for the night. 

I wasn't sure what to get at first so the staff surprised me up with Blossom ($125) - a cocktail with Absolute mandarin, Cognac cooked strawberry puree, lemon juice, egg white and orange juice. The drink looked gorgeous with a sweet and fruity flavor but I felt the drink could have been stronger though.

I came here for dinner with a few fellow food bloggers and we started off the night with some tasty bread and butter. 

The Tuna Ribbon ($178) arrived in a beautiful mountain of sliced tuna sashimi while paired with avocado puree, ginger lime broth and radish. The acidic flavors were refreshing to eat but we felt that the ginger lime broth overpowered the tuna flavors a bit.

The Octopus ($148) was slow cooked for 5 hours and then charred so the texture was crispy yet tender at the same time! Paired with a salad with greens, grapes and chorizo, the secret ingredient was in the harissa - a Tunisian hot chili pepper paste that added a spicy kick in flavors. 

The Brandade Aligot ($148) combined salted cod, smoked cheese and, best of all, a Japanese poached egg which was served as a creamy dip with bread sticks. 

The Steamed Mussels ($168) with Japanese mussels steamed in garlic, shallots, white wine, butter and lemon juice was surprisingly delicious with a fresh and sweet taste. I'm usually not a fan of mussels but even I couldn't help but dip the fluffy garlic brioche into the broth to eat. 

The Capellini ($178) is freshly handmade everyday and the pairing with carrot bolognese, ricotta cheese and cashew pesto was simple yet deliciously comforting.

The Chicken Roulade ($248) with brined dark meat chicken, spatzle, brussels and mustard jus turned out to my favorite dish of the night! The chicken was juicy and tender but it was the spatzle that stole my heart. The spatzle, a kind of German soft egg noodle/dumpling, had been deep-fried in this dish so it was crunchy and chewy to eat at at the same time!

The Smoked Duck Breast ($228) was a close second favorite for me with spiced pepper glaze, parsnip puree and haricots verts.

The Grilled Pork Chop ($248) looked a painting with Duroc pork chop, cauliflower, eggplant and tomato confit. Marinated with olive oil, rosemary, pepper and garlic, the pork was soft and flavorful as it was slow cooked and finished in the oven with a layer of butter for a crispy skin. 

Even though I was full by this point, I could never resist dessert and the Melon Salad ($88) was an intriguing dessert as it could have very well passed as an appetizer as well! With pressed melon, coconut, pineapple jelly and mint, it was refreshing to eat but needed something more to bring everything together as I felt like I was just eating a fruit salad. 

The Pear and Almond Tart ($88) with creme d'amandes and vanilla ice cream was irresistible as well with a gorgeous layer of pear on top but I felt that the pastry could have been more crispy.

This Cheesecake ($88) with cherry compote and creme anglaise was my favorite as the texture was soft and crumby with a rich flavor!

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