[Hong Kong] Tate Dining Room & Bar - Bespoke Tasting Menu

Back at my favorite restaurant Tate Dining Room & Bar for a birthday party with a bespoke menu! I had my birthday celebration earlier this year at Tate as well and loved the creativity of the food here with its gorgeous presentation and well-balanced flavors so I couldn't wait to see what was in store for us this time. Congratulations to Tate for maintaining its 1 Michelin Star for the 4th year in a row!
Tate Hong Kong happy birthday balloons

First things first, we were welcomed by this amuse bouche of almond pudding topped with toasted sesame seeds and caviar. 
Tate Hong Kong almond pudding caviar

"BONITO" with bonito gelee, bonito slice with steamed fish sauce, green apple, cucumber roll and uni. We had something similar to this last time with the exception of the sweet addition of sea urchin.
Tate Hong Kong bonito

"PUMPKIN" with Carabineros prawn, red miso, and Parmesan daikon roll. Whoever would have thought to put cheese inside a daikon - so creative!
Tate Hong Kong pumpkin carabineros prawn

"WAGYU BEEF TARTARE" with 5 different flavors - kimchi, green apple, herb salad, cornichon and wasabi cream. This was my favorite dish of the night as the flavors were very innovative and all worked perfectly with the beef tartare!
Tate Hong Kong wagyu beef tartare

"CRISPY AMADAI" with onion consomme, baby fennel and tomato confit. I wasn't so hot on the fennel stalk but the amadai and the broth were deliciously sweet. 
Tate Hong Kong amadai fish

"CHESTNUT WILD BOAR" with chestnut veloute, wild boar ragout and salted duck egg. The chestnut veloute went perfectly with the pork while I loved the crispy pastry shell as well.
Tate Hong Kong chestnut wild boar

"SAKURA EBI" with lobster broth, crispy sakura ebi, vin jaune foam, kombu and dill. This was another impressive dish with rich flavors from the lobster broth and strong aroma from the sakura ebi. 
Tate Hong Kong sakura ebi prawn

"LAVENDAR CHALLANDIAS DUCK BREAST" with parsnip puree, baby vegetables and chicken jus. 
Tate Hong Kong duck breast

"CHOCOLATE WHISKY" with smoked dark chocolate mousse, whisky ice cream and dacquoise. It came with a bottle of chocolate sauce to add as desire and of course I added all of it. The whisky ice cream wasn't strong enough but the chocolate mousse was delectable!
Tate Hong Kong chocolate whisky

"ZEN GARDEN" with matcha opera cake, dark chocolate with coconut ganache, passion fruit marshmellow and jasmine macaron. The ever classic petit fours here presented in a gorgeous zen garden complete with edible sugar sand.
Tate Hong Kong zen garden

Tate Dining Room & Bar
59 Elgin Street, Central
Tel: 2555 2172
Mon to Sat 6-11pm, Closed Sundays

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