[Tokyo] Sushidokoro Suzu 寿し処 寿々

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

No trip to Japan is complete without a meal of sushi so the last dinner that we had on this trip was to Sushidokoro Suzu in Akasaka. This was J's favorite sushi place last year and with a rating of 3.97 out of 5 on Tabelog, the sushi was no doubt solid but I thought the meal lacked surprises as the tsumami (appetizers) were quite conventional and while some pieces of the sushi shined, the shari (sushi rice) seemed very sticky to me for some reason. What was impressive though was the large sake selection available here with more than 20 to choose from. They offer 3 types of omakase at  ¥14,000, ¥16,000 and ¥18,000 so we both chose the ¥18,000 which ended up to be around 20 courses from start to finish. All of the other diners that night were all locals who looked like they just got off work with no tourist at all.

Mentaiko (明太子)

Hirame (ヒラメ)

Kegani (毛ガニ)

Akamutsu (赤鯥)

Karasumi (カラスミ)


Engawa (えんがわ) which is a part of Hirame and one of the more memorable piece of the night.

Buri (鰤) (amberjack)

Chutoro (中とろ)

Kawahagi (皮剥) which is a threadsale filefish topped with its liver.

Shimaebi (縞海老) which is a morotoge shrimp and turned out to be very delicious. 

Kuruma Ebi (車海老)

Otoro (大とろ) 

Murasaki Uni

Aji (鯵) 

Akagai (赤貝)

Anago (穴子) 

Tamago (玉子) 

Tuna Maki

Miso Soup

A nice little piece of gooseberry as our parting gift (the gooseberry was actually huge compared to the ones I usually see in HK!). 

Sushidokoro Suzu 寿し処 寿々
2-9-4 Akasaka Minato Tokyo 
東京都 港区 赤坂 2-9-4
Tel: +81-3-3586-1010


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