[Hong Kong] Nakamura Tokichi 中村藤吉 - New Location at Miramar

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Japanese dessert lovers will not be unfamiliar with Nakamura Tokichi (中村藤吉) - a renowned tea house from Kyoto - and it has finally reopened at The Miramar Shopping Center after the closure of its cafe at The One. Sure we've had pop-ups at Pacific Place and Mira Mall, but it's great to have the full-blown tea room again with a complete menu of savory and dessert items. While the view here may not as nice as The One, fans of the brand will be please to know that new additions have been added to the menu and best of all - no lines (yet)! 

The new location has more seats than the old one which helps to cut down the crazy queue that we all have become familiar with last year.

Before jumping straight into desserts, we tried a variety of its noodles starting with the Matcha Wheat Noodle Set ($118) which comes with matcha udon, rice, pickles and matcha tea jelly. While the matcha flavor wasn't that apparent in the udon, I did enjoy the chewy textures of the chilled noodles and dipping them into the tsuyu sauce to eat. 

Besides matcha udon, Sōmen ($78) - a very thin Japanese noodle made of wheat flour - is also available as well.

If you prefer a hot bowl of noodles, the Kitsune Matcha Wheat Noodle Set ($118) is the one for you with clear broth and topped with sweet aburaage (deep-fried tofu skin). 

Moving onto desserts! One of the new items that has just been released is Kuzukiri (葛切) ($88) - a popular Japanese dessert in the summer made from arrowroot flour that is served in ice. The thick gelatinous noodles were deliciously chewy to eat with your choice of homemade matcha or Okinawan brown sugar syrup and perfect for cooling down in the summer heat!

One of the most sough-after items here is the Warabi Mochi ($88) which was only available in limited quantities before as it had to be flown in directly from Japan. The good news is that the cafe will now be making them in Hong Kong so more quantities of this delicious confection will be available each day! Two flavors are currently available (matcha and soybean flour) and while I usually like anything matcha, I preferred the flavor of the kinako (soybean flour) warabi mochi more actually.

This dreamy Maruto Strawberry Parfait ($108) is only available for a limited time only with layers of matcha soft serve, matcha jelly, chiffon cake, mochi, strawberry cream and strawberry puree.

Who can resist shaved ice in the summer and the new Uji Kin Ice ($98) will sure to be a hit with your choice of matcha, houjicha or brown sugar syrup and topped with matcha or houjicha soft serve! I got to try all 3 flavors of the syrup and honestly I thought all of them were equally good - it just depends on what you prefer. The size of the kakigori was huge and can be shared easily between 2-3 people. Apparently, a smaller version will also be available at the Nakamura Tokichi take-out shop on the ground floor in Mira Mall in a few weeks as well. 

If you want to take a piece of Nakamura Tokichi with you, you can buy some of its tea collection and an array of confections and cakes to enjoy at home.

I couldn't help but get the fluffy soft Houjicha Chiffon Cake ($63) to eat as breakfast for next day, and we easily polished it all off in one setting as the cake was super airy and light!

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Nakamura Tokichi 中村藤吉
Shop 3005-9, 3/F, Miramar Shopping Centre 
132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2156 1168

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