[Spain: Cadaqués] Compartir - Modern Restaurant by 3 elBulli Chefs in Costa Brava

Rating: ❤❤❤

While we were in Barcelona, we took a driving tour one day up along the coast of Costa Brava and ended up eating lunch at Compartir which is a restaurant by three former elBulli chefs who are also behind Disfrutar - a molecular gastronomy restaurant in Barcelona! Unlike its fine dining counterpart in Barcelona, Compartir is more casual with an emphasis on a menu where everything should be shared. The food is still modern and creative though with some traditional offerings like rice dishes. Admittedly, the food wasn't as impressive as Disfrutar but the friendly service managed to warm us up on a chilly day in Costa Brava!

Welcome drink

Oyster with Tangerine Cream (4.5€)

Oyster Japanese Style (4.95€)

Oyster with Truffle Cream (4.95€)

"Ready to eat" crab with avocado and trout roe (8.25€)

Marinated sardines with raspberries, beetroot and pistachio (12.5€)

Anchovies with mushrooms, pine honey and truffle (15.5€)

Razor clams with mushrooms consomme and Iberic "panceta" (16€)

Egg with potato cream and black truffle (5.85€)

European lobster with chicken aniseed sauce and mango (25€)

Shellfish rice (20.85€)

Iberico rice casserole with mushrooms (19.75€)


Riera de Sant Vicenç, s/n, 17488 Cadaqués, Girona, Spain
Tel: +34 972 25 84 82

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