[Hong Kong] Toyosu Suisan 豊洲水産海鮮丼 - Seafood Donburi from Tsukiji

Things in Hong Kong tend to come all at once so after the arrival of the Yamataka Seafood Market (築地 • 山貴水產市場) in Wan Chai, we have yet another restaurant opened by one of the wholesalers from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo which specializes in seafood donburi (rice bowl)! Located between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai, Toyosu Suisan (豊洲水産海鮮丼) imports fresh ingredients from Japan daily and offers more than 20 types of donburi to choose from. Apparently the queue for this place had been really long for both lunch and dinner time so take note of that if you do want to go check it out. 

Admittedly I had a really hard time narrowing down what I wanted to try at first but luckily I bumped into a few fellow foodie friends so we all ended up sharing our donburi together. In general, I thought that the quality of the food was pretty decent for the reasonable prices which ranges from $108 to $368 depending on what donburi you order. I already had people ask me if they should visit Yamataka or Toyosu Suisan but they're a bit different as Yamataka is a seafood market whereas Toyosu is a restaurant. In terms of the donburi, I think the ones at Yamataka are slightly better but there's a lot more variety and prices are cheaper at Toyosu Suisan.

The 10 Kinds of Toyosu Seafood Bowl ($368 for two) is probably the most impressive of all with 10 kinds of seafood like amaebi, ikura, uni, maguro, etc. so it's perfect for those who want to try many types of seafood in one go with another friend!

The Premium Blue Fin Maguro Bowl ($198) is for tuna lovers with blue fin tunas from Misakiko where you can choose to have otoro (fatty tuna), akami (most lean part of tuna) or a combination of both like we did.

The Special Snow Crab Bowl ($198) arrived with two crab legs which had been deshelled already along with minced toro and crab meat. 

The Minced Maguro Topped with Fatty Maguro, Pickled Radish & Honey Plum Bowl ($118) is a specialty here with a unique combination of minced tuna, cucumber, squid, pickled radish and plum. You're supposed pick apart the plum and mix it with the rest of the rice to give it a refreshing taste.

Besides donburi, you can order other maguro cuisines like Maguro Eye Boiled with Special Sauce ($98) and the Grilled Maguro Head ($98) which are available in limited quantity each day. 

*By Invitation

Toyosu Suisan 豊洲水産海鮮丼

415-421 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2808 0292

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