[Argentina: Buenos Aires] Don Julio Parrilla - Argentinian Steak House

Rating: ❤❤❤❤ (4/5)

After almost 30 hours of flight, we were finally in South America for the first time! First stop - Buenos Aires! Argentina is renowned for its steak and what better place to try that than at Don Julio - a traditional steak house that is #13 on Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2017. All the beef at Don Julio are grass fed and raised in the countryside outside of Buenos Aires. The beef are aged for at least 21 days and pretty much every part of the cow is used from steaks, sausages, cheese and even sweetbread. The grill master Pepe Soleto then cooks everything to perfection on a traditional iron grill.

Here Pepe Soleto is displaying a tray of all the different cuts of beef available for our choosing for our steak.

We also got to tour the factory down the street from the restaurant where they receive the meat and do a lot of the prep work here including aging the meat and sausages. 

Don Julio is not just all about meat though - they try to source the best local vegetables as well with an emphasis on flavor instead of appearance. For example they showed us the tomatoes that they have which came in all different sizes and colors, and while they may not look “pretty” by conventional standard, they sure tasted delicious!

After the tour, it was finally chow time! Before diving straight into our steak, we had a plethora of appetizers including grilled sweet bread, grilled eggplants, beetroot, tomatoes and my favorite - grilled sausage infused with nutmeg, parsley and white pepper!

Time to get down to serious business with this 'Don Julio' engraved steak knife!

Earlier we were presented with a tray of different cuts of beef where we chose what we wanted for our steak. Cooked perfectly to medium rare, the strip steak was amazingly flavorful but it was the short ribs that took us all by surprise with its juiciness - probably the juiciest short ribs I’ve ever had!

Sweet ending to our indulgent meal with house made ice cream in 3 flavors - strawberry, plum and the traditional specialty dulce de leche!

We ate our heart out at Don Julio and I highly recommend it for a traditional Argentinian steakhouse experience in Buenos Aires!

Don Julio
Guatemala 4699, 1425 CABA, Argentina
Tel: +54 11 4832 6058

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