[Hong Kong] Birthday Dinner at Caprice in Four Seasons

Rating: ❤❤❤❤ (4/5)

It's been years since I've been to Caprice in Four Seasons Hotel - the last time I was there it still had 3 Michelin Stars but my meal was rather disastrous (it was right after Chef Vincent Thierry had left), and I vowed never to be back...until now. Since then, the 2* restaurant has changed chefs and the most notable switch was made last year where Chef Guillaume Galliot of Tasting Room in Macau swapped places with Caprice's (then) Chef Fabrice Vulin. I had the pleasure of trying Chef Guillaume Galliot's signature laksa at the Michelin Gala Dinner in Macau 2 years ago and I was impressed with the delicate flavors, so I was definitely intrigued to try his food at Caprice. I've also heard great things about the desserts by Four Season's pastry chef Nicolas Lambert, so I had high expectations going into the meal. Chef Guillaume offered to choose the dishes for us so we decided to do just that, and I'm glad to report that the food and our dining experience was definitely 2* worthy!

We started our meal with a trio of amuse bouche of sea urchin with lemon whipped cream, slow-cooked salmon with caviar, chicken mousse with pita bread but unfortunately none failed to make an impression.

The bread variety were excellent though and I had to be careful not to stuff myself with too many of the tasty flaky brioche. 

Our first course was the Land and Sea Tartare, Australian Wagyu Beef and Gillardeau Oyster, Kristal Caviar which looked a lot like the Chutoro with Polmard beef signature dish at HAKU at first glance. I thought the flavors were more interesting here with the inclusion of oysters which went very well with the Wagyu beef to my surprise. 

The Brittany Scallop, Fennel Purée, Schrencki Caviar and Champagne Sauce was overall a very solid dish - although I did feel that the scallop could have been more raw. 

Inspired by Chef Guillaume's work journey in Singapore, the Laksa with King Crab, Confit Egg and Sudachi Lime is a must-try dish at Caprice for sure! The texture of the espuma combined with the enticing flavors was just heavenly and I was glad to be reunited with this dish.

The Nodoguro with a light consomme, sudachi lime, ginger, zucchini and artichoke was another impressive dish - both the texture and the flavors of the fish were on point.

The Racan Pigeon from Maison Bellorr, Cooked in Cocoa Pod, Pumpkin Purée, Salsify, Natural Jus looked impressive at first having arrived in a cocoa pod and was carved in front of us. I loved everything served on the plate from the foie gras to the pumkin puree but the pigeon itself turned out to be a bit of a let down - it just wasn't as flavorful as the other pigeon dishes I've had in the past. 

Caprice's famous cheese selection - a must for any cheese lover!

As we ended our savory portion and started our desserts, I finally see why everyone loves the desserts by Nicholas Lambert. Not only were they gorgeous to look at, the flavors were very well-balanced so you can keep eating bite after bite. 

My millefeuille birthday cake was nothing short of amazing - I actually had to take this home because we were too full that night but the pastry was still super crispy when we ate it the next day. 

The Crispy Feuillantine, Namelaka White Chocolate, Guanaja and Tanariva Chantilly was gorgeous and it tasted just as good as it looked - pure perfection in every way!

We also had to take the petit fours home so we can enjoy them the day after.

With great food and top-notch hospitality, I was glad to have celebrated my birthday at Caprice this year!

8 Finance Street, Central
Tel: +852 3196 8860

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  1. Wow! This is classy. My husband took me to venue NYC last month for out anniversary celebration and we had a delicious dinner there. It was nice going through this post as well. My sister is the one who writes amazing posts and is planning to write all about my wedding one day.


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