La Famille | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

I love exploring Tai Hang and I stumbled on this cute little cake shop on one of the side streets. La Famille specializes in chiffon cake using all natural ingredients with a variety of flavors like matcha, earl grey, yuzu, Okinawan black sugar and more! The name and the decor of the cake shop is seemingly French but the flavors are very much Japanese-influenced. They also have an enticing All Day Tea Set which starts from $82 including a piece of cake dessert and a pot of tea from their selection or you can choose coffee for just $68. 

Besides the cake desserts, they also have a selection of chiffon cakes starting from $20.

I love all the little details around this shop with the pastel green color walls and the cute decorations all around. 

I ended up getting their all day tea set and they recommended the Pure Camomile to go wtih my piece of cake. The tea was very aromatic and soothing to drink while the taste was neutralizing. It was perfect for eating with sweets but not something I would drink on its own because I like more distinct flavors for teas in general.

Matcha Chiffon Cake (4/5) - with layers of fresh cream from Hokkaido and chocolate truffle bits, the matcha flavor was a bit mild while there could have been more layers of cream to balance out the cake. The chiffon cake was very light and fluffy though and I felt that I could have finished off another piece of cake right then and there. Perfect for a light afternoon tea without the guilty food coma!

Verdict - definitely will be going back to check out their other flavors like the yuzu and earl grey!

La Famille
37 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang
+852 6467 9445

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