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Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Located on the hippest street in Wan Chai, Akrame is a modern French restaurant that has been awarded with a 1 Michelin star within one year of opening. It's actually no surprise given that the Chef Akrame Benallal's first restaurant by the same name in Paris was awarded a Michelin star within the first six months. This restaurant has been on my list to try for a while but after hearing some mixed reviews, I decided to finally pay a visit for lunch since the prices are pretty reasonable starting at $280 for 3 courses and up to $580 for 6 courses. The menu is a secret menu which means that I don't know what I will get until they are served to me. 

The decor was quite stark and modern while I especially liked the bold choices in utensils especially the sea shell plate as a bread plate.

The amuse bouche was served on a wooden spoon along with my napkin with olive crisp on the left, Parmesan cracker in the middle and endive with roes on the right. Very interesting presentation for sure but the taste was just alright. 

The bread came next with butter and while it was adequately warm, the bread could have been less dense. It was a bit hard and not fluffy enough. 

The first course was a lobster with squid ink and ginger and carrot puree. Loved the gorgeous presentation and the many different layers of textures and flavors. The ginger puree was an interesting pairing but I thought the spiciness overwhelmed the delicate flavors of the lobster a bit. [4/5]

The main course was a beef covered with cocoa powder and onion with potato gratin and white chocolate. The beef was very delicious as it was juicy and tender while full of flavors. I also loved the stark minimalism of the plating. [4.5/5]

The dessert was a lemon sorbet paired with charcoal ice cream. I've been seeing more and more charcoal desserts lately. It's not my first time eating charcoal ice cream and it basically tasted like chocolate. I'm guessing they only put a bit of the activated charcoal in it. Loved the charcoal dessert but the lemon sorbet was a bit too sour. [4/5]

The petit fours was a classic French madeleines which were really toasty and irresistible to eat!  

Verdict - the food I had at lunch exceeded my expectations and I think it just whetted my appetite to come back for more!

Restaurant Akrame
9 Ship Street, Wan Chai
+852 2528 5068

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